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How To Dress Down Your Homecoming Dress


Don’t think that just because homecoming is over, you can’t wear your dress again. The night may have ended, but your fashion sense and statement gown should continue to be rocked afterwards. Whether you want to make it more suitable for class, a casual work environment, or everyday wear, here are some ways to effortlessly dress down your homecoming dress!

Play Around With The Basics

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Since each dress is different, it’s first important to play around with different patterns, textures, and colors to see how you can dress down your homecoming dress. Go through your wardrobe and let your inner fashionista come out with the various matches. Keep in mind that pairing any dress with neutral colors will make it look less formal since it tones down the ensemble. This prevents anything you come up with from coming off as too bold. Start basic with casual materials and playing it safe, such as a denim jacket or blazer for the ultimate cool look. To be more interesting, pair your dress with your favorite pair of patterned leggings or playful tights. As you can see, the possibilities are endless already.

Start Adding Layers

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Here you have an array of options to choose from that are perfect for dressing down in the colder seasons. Layers immediately take a formal dress and turn it into an informal outfit. The simple addition of a sweater or a loose cardigan brings a cute, comfy vibe. If you want an edgier look, try a flannel or white t-shirt underneath the dress. You could even tie these layers around your waist for a super chic look for any outing. To fight the cold more, you can include gloves, a beanie, and your favorite scarf to top off the outfit. These are great for rocking your homecoming dress in the fall or winter, making your dress warmer, too!

Change Accessories

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Accessories should be muted and simple, for anything too glamorous will detract from the effortless effect you’re trying to create. Therefore, you don’t want to wear the same jewelry you wore the night of homecoming. Ditch the long earrings, bold bracelets, and shimmering chokers, since these will make a dress more flashy. Opt for minimal and relaxed jewelry, such as a simple watch or a simple bangle that you would wear everyday. You can even go with no jewelry at all, completely being dedicated to the sporty look. Same goes for your hair. Try to put it in a messy bun or just plain and down, not putting much effort or detail into it being done.

Switch Up Your Feet

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You probably wore heels with your homecoming dress, adding to the fancy appeal. An easy way to make the dress appear less fancy and to dress down your homecoming dress is to change your shoes to something less formal. Try pairing your dress with flats, sandals, boots, or sneakers. These are generally all very simple and not decorative, completing the casual look perfectly. Not to mention, you’ll be a whole lot more comfortable walking to any destination.

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