The 5 Best Travel Friendly Beauty Products

Do you ever struggle with what to pack when traveling?! I know we are ALL guilty of over- packing 😉 But we are lucky enough to have the amazing invention of travel-size products! Travel-size makes it easier for you to fit even more items into your bag. He-he. You have to check out our 5 best travel friendly beauty products that are a must-have in your travel bag for any upcoming adventure!

Travel Friendly Beauty Products: Sphynx

Travel Friendly Beauty Products - Sphynx

Topping number one on our list of travel friendly beauty products is the Sphynx. This is the ultimate 3-in-1 razor! It comes equipped with a spray, pre-shaved bar, and two extra disposable razors. This is the perfect travel-size razor for touch-ups and missed spots because we all know it happens from time to time. And best of all, this travel razor is TSA approved, so it will be safe inside your bag when traveling.

Travel Friendly Beauty Products: Laneige

Travel Friendly Beauty Products - Laneige

Keep your lips hydrated and plump with Laneige. This is a perfect on-the-go lip balm that you can keep on all day, and it has a nice natural color. It even comes with a silicone spatula allowing you to scoop the lip balm, leaving your hands mess-free!

Travel Friendly Beauty Products: Clarins Paris

Travel Friendly Beauty Products - Clarins ParisClarins Paris is the perfect travel size primer. You can apply the primer to your face right before your flight and re-apply the primer once you land. This primer gives you a nice hydrated, glowy look that will last all day!

Travel Friendly Beauty Products: Perfume Samples

Travel Friendly Beauty Products - Perfume Samples

Nobody wants to ever smell bad, especially when traveling, am I right?! Sample size perfumes are the perfect travel friendly products, so you can always arrive smelling pretty.

Travel Friendly Beauty Products: Charming Charlie

Travel Friendly Beauty Products - Charming Charlie

The last travel friendly beauty product to make the cut is a Charming Charlie. A Charming Charlie is a bracelet and hair elastic all in one! Add a little bling to your wrist, and when you want to put your hair up, just simply take the elastic off the bracelet. The elastic is hidden, so nobody would even know its there. It also doesn’t leave that annoying mark on your wrist like most elastics do.

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