Travel Size Beauty Essentials for Your Prom Clutch

Travel size beauty essentials are critical to help you look your best the night of prom. You have your prom clutch, so now it’s time to pack it correctly for the big event. Follow this guide on the travel size beauty essentials you should pack for your prom clutch!

Travel Size Beauty Essentials: Lip Care

travel size beauty essentials
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As much as you want your makeup to last all day, you’re going to need some products with you for quick touch-ups. Between all the talking, eating, and drinking, your lips are going to need it the most. Make sure to pack the lipstick color you put on before you left to reapply throughout the night. This includes the chapstick you use and the lip gloss you put on top! These items are small enough on their own to all fit in your bag.

Travel Size Beauty Essentials: Eyeliner

travel size beauty essentials
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Another thin makeup product you should keep handy is your eyeliner. This makeup product is prone to smudging, both on the top and bottom lid. That’s why you should carry around the pencil or liquid bottle you used to touch-up your eyes throughout the night and keep them looking fresh.

Travel Size Beauty Essentials: Compact

travel size beauty essentials
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Liquid foundations and palettes are bulky, heavy, and large in size. To carry less and prevent something happening to your expensive makeup, opt for a makeup compact. This is the perfect travel-size foundation. You can quickly pull it out of your clutch to cover-up blemishes and correct any imperfections that appear on your face throughout the night. The best part about this is that most include its own pad or small brush to use with it, along with a makeup mirror so you can do it anywhere!

Travel Size Beauty Essentials: Blotting Paper

travel size beauty essentials
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Let’s face it – prom is going to be glamorous, but also hot and sweaty at times. Between all the pictures, moving, and dancing, it’s inevitable that you’ll break a sweat. With the moisture building up on your face, your makeup will appear dewy. That’s why the next travel size beauty essential is blotting papers. These thin, absorbent, pocket-size sheets discreetly remove surface oil from your skin so you can continue enjoying your night!

Travel Size Beauty Essentials: Perfume

travel size beauty essentials
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Speaking of being hot and sweaty, you don’t want to start smelling. Deodorant and fancy perfumes are too large to fit in your clutch, so opt for something small. This can be a roll-on, sample, or tiny bottle of your favorite perfume. Not only will this fit into your clutch without a problem, but you can apply it as you need during prom.

Travel Size Beauty Essentials: Hair Kit

travel size beauty essentials
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Besides your makeup, you’re going to be worrying about your hair. Therefore, you should pack travel-size beauty items for that as well. Slip a thin comb or folded brush into your clutch to smooth the appearance of your hair. Make sure to also carry extra bobby pins and rubber bands to tame fly aways and be prepared for any other hair emergency.

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