What Engagement Ring Shape Matches Your Personality?

You probably have a good idea of what you want your engagement ring to look like, but does it fit your personality? Diamond shapes can be matched to the type of woman you are, which can then assist you with picking the perfect wedding dress. There are 10 known shapes out there, so you’re bound to coincide with a few. Check out these descriptions to find out what engagement ring shape matches your personality best!

Heart Engagement Ring Shape

heart engagement ring shape
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It’s no surprise that the heart is the ultimate symbol of love. A heart-shaped diamond is both exceptional and unique. This shaped diamond will truly bring out your sentimental and romantic side, and pairs perfectly with Faviana Style S10004.

Round-Cut Engagement Ring

round engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: 90210 Jewelry

The round cut diamond is by far the most popular and most researched diamond shape today. If you are more on the traditional side, then this ring shape is for you. Try finding a classic and simple dress to match, such as Faviana Style 10085.

Princess-Cut Rings

princess engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: Diamond Nexus

Some prefer a square shape versus round, so they opt for the most popular non-round diamond: princess-cut. This is beautiful and brilliant, made to showcase your elegance. Embrace your inner princess with this ring and gown like Faviana Style S10001.

Emerald Engagement Ring

engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: The Jewellery Editor

If you’re fashion-forward and want to show off the clarity of the diamond, then find an emerald shape engagement ring. This is a long, rectangular ring and will stand out with any dress. For the same clarity and shine, try a square-shape with an Asscher-cut.

Marquise-Shaped Ring

engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: Alexis Diamond House

For those with small fingers but a big heart, the shape of a marquise diamond makes your fingers appear longer and slender. Plus it gives you a much larger-looking diamond, so you’ll want to stick out your hand to everyone you meet! Look for this or an oval-cut.

Pear Engagement Ring Shape

pear engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: Diamond Nexus

If you prefer to be unique, then an unusual ring shape is in your future. Look for a pear or teardrop-shaped engagement ring to really express your style. With its single point and rounded end, you create a subtle slimming effect on your fingers, and maximum shine!

Cushion-Cut Rings

cushion engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: Sylvie Collection

Cushion-cut or pillow-cut diamonds are super unique and been popular this last century. They have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance and allow you to have a true “rock” on your finger.

Radiant Engagement Ring

radiant engagement ring shape
Photo Credit: Lajerrio

If you love the cushion-cut, then you’ll also love the radiant-cut. The trimmed corners are the signature of this diamond, made for the clean and collected woman. It’s also a versatile choice for jewelry, so it’s guaranteed to go with everything.

engagement ringsThis guide can help determine whether your relationship style is traditional or modern, as engagement ring trends tend to lean one way or another as well!

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