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10 Ways To Practice Self Care At Home


With all of our lives being turned upside down, it may be hard to cope or figure out how to navigate through everyday life. We are all figuring out a new routine with our new work spaces and prolonged time at home. Continuing self-care is the most important part to keeping yourself sane and giving yourself personal time without distractions. Below are 10 ways to practice self care at home!

Make your favorite drink

We all need our go-to Starbucks or smoothie fix, so figure out how to make your favorite drink at home! It could also save you time and money in the future! 

Take a bath

There’s something about lighting a candle and taking a bath that just feels oh so right. Grab a good book and play some soft music to sit back and relax!

Read a self-help book

Self-help books are great to stay empowered and motivated. Check out some great self-help books HERE!

Start a new skincare routine

Keep your skin in check and feel refreshed with a new skincare routine. Sephora even has some products on sale right now, so get your new skincare products today! 

Buy something new

A little retail therapy never hurt nobody! Buy yourself a new top or a new loungewear set to bring a little happiness to your week.

Cook your favorite meal

Going to restaurants is out of the question, but you can always cook your favorite meal at home! Start up some music and jam out while cooking your go-to meal!

Turn off your phone

Social distancing is getting a little too social. Turning off your phone and staying away from social media is crucial at this time. We have so much more time to be on our phone that we need to give ourselves time to stay off! 

Take part in a new craft or old hobby

Starting a craft or an old hobby is a great way to continue to stay creative during this time. I, myself, have started up painting again! Order some craft supplies or browse on Pinterest

Have a dance party

Yes, have a dance party. Turn your favorite music up and let go! Music makes us feel good because it causes our brain to release dopamine!


If you haven’t tried journaling or if it has just been a while, start it back up! Journal how you feel, what you did today, or what is going on in the world. Trust me, your future self will love it and it is extremely meditating. 

How are you currently practicing self care at home? Comment below and tag us in your self care posts! 

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