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10 Ways To Repurpose Your Faviana Prom Dress


Quarantine has been a rough and confusing time for many people across the world. Many great memories were put on hold or even cancelled due to COVID-10 – one of these events being prom. So many worldwide look forward to picking out a beautiful dress and getting primped and pampered for the perfect night out with their closest friends. However, that perfect night was cancelled for most, leaving many heartbroken because they now have a beautiful dress without an occasion to show it off. But fear not – we have ten great suggestions on where to wear that amazing Faviana prom dress below!

1. Pageant

Not usually a pageant girl? This is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone! Quarantine had you all cooped up in the house with nothing to do – so get out there, be confident and enter yourself in a pageant! You already have the perfect pageant dress, so why not show it off?

2. Charity Event

Inspiring to be a socialite working making a difference in the world and need to make a great impression? That Faviana prom dress of yours won’t disappoint when trying to make a statement while also giving you the confidence to make change. Brynn & Sarah did this perfectly when raising money for our Faviana Give Back Gala!

3. Marine/Army Ball

Do you have a significant other or close friend serving our country? Chances are they definitely need a date for their yearly ball, and just your luck, you already have a dress! Go out there and finally get your chance to dance the night away.

4. Wedding

That formal wedding in quarantine that got pushed back a whole year is the perfect opportunity to wear your prom dress. This is especially true if it happens to be a black-tie event. Just remember not to wear your dress if it is cream, ivory, or white. You don’t want to upset the bride on her special day! Check our wedding guest dresses collection.

5. Have Prom At Home

As gathering sizes increase, plan the perfect backyard prom with some of your closest friends! This will serve not only as a great place to wear your beautiful prom dress, but the ultimate party to celebrate your summer before studies pick back up in the fall. You could also plan a one-of-a-kind graduation party with a prom theme and have all of your guests wear formal attire. It will be a night no one will ever forget.

6. Have A Photoshoot

Get all dressed up and ready to take epic pictures with friends at a cool destination with a great background. You could even hire a local photographer to take the perfect pictures. Prom nowadays is all about getting an insta worthy picture to post anyways, so why not support a local photographer and strike a pose!

7. Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant

Most fancy restaurants require customers to wear formal dress – especially when you go on vacation. Once things slowly go back to normal, and you go on that vacation you have been dying to go on, bring your dress. Flaunt that fabulous look, but just be sure not to get any food on it!

8. Your College Formal

Off to college in the fall? Bring your Faviana prom dress with you! You never know when a formal event will come around and call for that gorgeous dress you never got to wear. You should definitely keep this in mind if you’re planning on joining a sorority or even a sports team. College kids love any opportunity to throw a party, so there is bound to be an event that requires a cocktail dress!

9. A Halloween Costume

Be creative and put together the perfect Halloween costume with your Faviana prom dress! Halloween is all about being unique and over the top anyways, so why not incorporate a gorgeous gown? Add a sash over it to be a beauty queen, or even be a Disney princess! The options are endless!

10. New Year’s Eve

Do you have a sparkly dress that will be perfect to strut into the New Year with? A formal New Year’s party is the perfect place to wear it! Even if the party isn’t long dress attire, get your dress shortened and throw a leather jacket over it to dress down your look a bit! Either way, be confident and start the new year off right in Faviana!

Share with us how you decided to repurpose your Faviana prom dress by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY.

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