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3 Easy Ways To Energize Your Morning Commute


Since starting my internship at Faviana, I’ve had to commute to NYC three times a week. I personally don’t mind taking the subway, but it does get annoying sometimes when it is so crowded. Standing under someone’s armpit or right up against their chest is definitely not my favorite thing to do on my way to work, but I don’t have much of a choice. I have decided to take matters into my own hands to change up my morning commute to make it more enjoyable if it is going to take up time in my day. Here are three ways that I have made my morning commute more pleasurable and hopefully they can help you too!

1. Download Your Favorite Music 

Photo Credit: Official Broadway Merchandise

You might already listen to music on your way to work or school, but create a playlist that has meaning for you. I have the classic pop songs on my phone from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but I needed music that I don’t give myself time to listen to on a daily basis. The type of music you want to listen to depends on what you like whether it be rock, jazz, classical, etc. I like Broadway and Christmas music so I decided to download more of that to listen to. My go-to soundtracks are ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Newsies’ because I love those musicals, but never have time to listen to them. Not only are you going to work, but you are also listening to a soundtrack that you have wanted to for a while so you are getting two things done at once. 

2. Take Pictures On Your Morning Commute

Photo Credit: Elegran

While you might not feel like taking pictures when you are commuting to work or school, it gives you something to look forward to. You never know what you are going to see in NYC so giving myself the task of taking a picture of something keeps my brain occupied while I am standing on the train or walking through the crowded city streets. Some of my favorite things to take pictures of on my morning commute are the tall skyscrapers and the window displays of the large department stores. Not only are you taking pictures, but you will also have more content to post on Instagram later which is always nice. 

3. Take A Different Route Each Day

Photo Credit: Kimpton Hotel Eventi

One of my favorite parts about interning in NYC is that there are a lot of different blocks that I can walk down to get to work. Sometimes your morning commute is boring because you are walking down the same streets each day. While it may take you slightly out of your way, seeing different buildings and blocks will make you feel less robotic and more like you are going on a walk. On my morning commute, I turn down different blocks everyday just so I can see different parts of the city that I normally would not see if I took my usual route. Even if you don’t walk to work, turn down a different street because it will just spruce up your boring commute that you do every day.

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