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3 Tips To Rock A Bikini With Confidence


Classes are finally over, the spring term is done, and Summer is just peaking its way through the horizon. And you know what that means, right? Bikini season is upon us! So if you need our 3 tips to rock a bikini with confidence, keep reading.

For many, even though you might have daydreamed about going to the beach and hitting the pool with your best friends during those cold winter months, as soon as the idea of actually having to wear a two-piece is brought up, an intimidate reaction might be to drop everything and hit the gym like there is no tomorrow.

But here at Faviana we are firm believers that all women should celebrate themselves, exactly as they are. So don’t you dread: in here, we will tell you how to rock a bikini with confidence, no matter the size of the tag. Because all bodies are beach bodies!

1. Try not to be self-conscious

Am I showing too much cleavage? Do I have fat rolls when I sit down? Do my legs look like hot-dogs? 

All these questions and more can put a damp in your amazing beach trip faster than you can say “stop it.” You are on the beach to enjoy the sun and have fun. You are in a bikini, of course you are showing some cleavage. So what? Work it! I assure you, no matter what size you are, you will show some rolls when you sit down, that’s just how normal bodies work. And believe me, your legs look fabulous in that two piece. Especially when you are smiling.

2. When in doubt, accessorize

If you need a little extra confidence boost, maybe try complimenting your cute bikini with your favorite accessories: I’m talking about rocking your most killer sandals, that gorgeous silky cover-up you only wear on special occasions and wearing those super pretty bohemian necklaces. 

Other cool accessories such as cute floaters, colorful beach towels, and funny caps are always good options too.

3. Wear the bikini for you, not for anyone else

This one is the most important! If you want to rock a bikini, the most important lesson is that you have to feel amazing wearing it, because you choose it for yourself, thinking how much fun you will have by wearing it, not because you need anyone else’s approval or consent. 

So there you go, 3 tips for feeling confident while wearing a bikini. Remember that feeling beautiful in your own skin lasts for a lifetime, and you only wear a bikini for a season. So pack your favorite book, create a nice playlist, bring snacks and friends, and enjoy the sunshine by the ocean.

Do you have other tips to rock a bikini with confidence? Do you have ready all your summer looks already? Show us by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC!





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