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3 Ways To Stay Safe


Do ever get scared of being alone and that something will go wrong? Well, no one should ever feel unsafe wherever they go, and there are many ways to avoid this from happening. As much as we wish we could live in a fairy tale world where nothing bad ever happened to us, it is possible! It’s important not only to be aware that something could happen at any time, but also know how to avoid unsafe situations or what to do if they occur. Check out our 3 ways to stay safe when you’re out and about!

1 Out of 3 Ways to Stay Safe

The first rule to staying safe is being aware of your surroundings at all times. It’s very easy to get distracted when wearing headphones or looking at your phone. Try to keep your music low and never completely stare down at your phone when you are by yourself. Constantly be scanning the area that you are in and don’t look lost. It’s extremely important to not look vulnerable to anyone. Being alert and confident at all times is a crucial part to your safety.

2 Out of 3 Ways to Stay Safe

The second important rule to staying safe is having the proper tools for self-defense.  Two essential self-defense tools are a personal alarm or pepper spray. Both of these products are affordable options and a great investment. Check out how to properly use these self-defense tools here. These tools are intended to alert others around you that you are in danger. Don’t be afraid to carry a self defense tool on you, as your safety is the number one priority. We hope you would never have to use one, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case you have to take action.

3 Out of 3 Ways to Stay Safe

Lastly, the third most important rule to staying safe is telling your friends and family where you are at all times. There are various apps where you can keep your friends updated of your location. There is an easy, free app called “find my friends,” where you can simply share your location forever with your friends or even just for a day. Additionally, there is an option when you Uber alone, that you can share your journey with whoever you want to. This way someone will know where you are at all times and know that you got to your destination safely. Friends are also able to know when to expect you and track you are getting to them or home safely.

You are all so important to us and we want you to be safe at all times! These three simple tools could really change your life so please don’t forget them. While keeping yourself safe, also be a leader for keeping others around you safe. Safety starts with you!

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