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4 Bold Hairstyles To Try


Bold hairstyles look great on other people, but you may be scared to try it yourself. Well, not anymore! Once you see how chic and bold they are, you’re going to want one yourself. Everyone could use a little change and a different hair-do every once in a while. Some hairstyles require a bigger commitment than the rest, so don’t worry about it lasting forever. For those daring women out there, here are 4 bold hairstyles you must try now!

#1: Asymmetrical Bob

Photo Credit: Hair Style Hub

If you’re feeling bold, then try an asymmetrical bob the next time you want a haircut! These bold hairstyles are exotic since it is short and uneven on both sides. You get to live the short hair life, and may never go back once you see how easy it is to maintain and style. Effortlessly achieve short hair updos and single braids, rocking your new bob with straight or curly hair. To be more bold, you can add in highlights or some hair color for dimension!

#2: Side-Shaved Bold Hairstyles

Photo Credit: Pop Haircuts

For shaved bold hairstyles, you have many options. Go with the classic side-shave, only buzzing the hair off on the side of your head. With this style, you can keep the length of your hair, so no worries if you love your long locks! Another option is going with an undercut. Here, the shaved part of your head is hidden by the rest of your hair. However, when you lift up your hair, the shaved patch is seen. This is great for ladies with really thick hair, or who have hair that grows fast. You can also create designs in the shaved area to fit more into your style. Showcase your new hairstyle by wearing your hair up or braiding the section between your regular hair and newly shaved hair.

#3: Short & Spiked

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re not afraid to buzz all of your hair off, then go for it! Short and spiked hair is the ultimate exotic look, showcased by many of our beloved celebs. The daring hairstyle is very flexible and can be done in numerous ways. You can make all of your hair one length, and then spike it all up. On the other hand, you can keep the sides of your head closely buzzed, and leave the top of hair slightly longer. This will allow you to rock a faux mohawk, a comb-over, or longer spikes. The style is really up to you! No matter which you choose, you’ll be rocking a bold look!

#4: Colorful Dyes

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Don’t worry, even if you’re scissor-shy, there’s still exotic hairstyle ideas for you. Instead of choosing a bold haircut, simply go for a bold hair color instead and keep your length! Many hair dyes are temporary nowadays too, so you can get an exotic look without the commitment. Choose vibrant colors such as bright pink, purple, blue, green, or orange for the ultimate bold vibe. You can start by solely doing the tips of your hair, create an ombre effect, or go all in! People will still see you as daring, and you may want to rock the look permanently after all! Showcase your new color with your hair down curled to really give your hair depth.

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