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4 Ways to Get Rid of Hat Hair


In these frosty winter months, many of us find ourselves reaching for our favorite hats to keep us warm. While you might try to avoid removing your hat in public, there are times when you just have to. Hat hair is so real, and no one wants to have to deal with a bad hair day. To help prevent the dreaded lopsided ponytail, we’ve rounded up 4 ways to get rid of hat hair.

Before the Hat

Before we dive into dealing with hat aftermath, we have to discuss what you should do before you even think about putting on a hat. First off, when you’re shopping for a hat, be sure to choose one that is not too tight on your head. Also, do not wear a hat to cover up uber-greasy hair on a day you know you’ll have to remove it. This is because oily hair will mimic the nature of damp hair by molding to the shape of your hat. Lastly, when you put on your hat, carefully place it on your head in a way that does not mess up your hair. Don’t adjust it throughout the day because you’ll be tugging at your strands and making your hat head even worse!

Keep Products Handy

Source: The Sweetest Thing

As we all know, the most effective way of fixing hat hair is taking a shower and washing your hair. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to hop through a shower at the office or when you’re out and about. Instead, reach for your favorite dry shampoo to give your hair the pick-me-up it needs. Dry shampoo not only removes oils from your hair but can also re-fluff your hair. Additionally, texturizing spray can prevent from your hair being  too flat. Remember, volume is key to overcoming hat hair. You may also want to find a bottle of hairspray to hold a new hairstyle in place after removing your hat. You can find these products at your local beauty supply store or any place that sells hair products.

The Power of Scotchgard

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If you spray some Scotchgard on the inside of the hat, it will actually prevent annoying static electricity and flyaways. Before you run out to purchase some, be sure to look through your junk drawer. You might already have this for your suede boots or leather purse. If you don’t have Scotchgard, another great alternative is to use a dryer sheet. Putting a dryer sheet in your hat will help fight static and will also keep your hair smelling fresh and clean. Also, using a frizz control spray can control the static in your hair. Making sure your hair is moisturized is helpful in avoiding static-caused issues.

Flip Your Hair

Source: wikiHow

Parting your hair dramatically to the side before putting on your hat creates a barrier between the hat and your hairstyle. So, when you are ready to take off your hat, you can flip your hair back to its natural part. That way, your hair will look how you originally wanted it to. This trick is especially effective for tighter hat styles.

Make Sure Your Hair is Completely Dry

Source: Cosmopolitan

When rocking a hat, make sure your hair is never wet. If you wear a hat over damp hair, your head can start to smell bad over the course of the day, and your hair will form to the shape of the hat. Your hair should be completely dry so you can easily fix it when the hat comes off. Use a blow dryer to make sure your locks are fully dry. If you don’t want to apply heat on your hair, towel drying is another option, but it will just take a longer time for it to to dry completely. To be safe, you can always wash your hair the night before so it is entirely dry in the morning.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you wear a hat and you will never have a bad hair day again.

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Written by The Faviana Team

Edited by Erica Fouts

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