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5 Local NYC Companies That Are Giving Back


With New York City being one of the best cities in America, they need help more than ever. The city topping any other across the nation in cases has local New York City based companies and restaurants doing their part. To helping people from doctors and nurses to the elderly that can’t go outside to get food, they are making a difference. Below are 5 local NYC companies that are giving back to their community during this unpredictable time!

Sauce Pizzeria

One location that is helping our hardworking doctors and nurses is Sauce Pizzeria. Working up an appetite is an understatement for our heroes, so Sauce Pizzeria is making at least 3 drops of pizza everyday at NYC hospitals. If anything counts during this crisis, and what’s better than helping with pizza?! Thank you Sauce Pizzeria.

Mercado Little Spain


Mercado Little Spain is a cute Spanish market with bars and small restaurants tucked under Hudson Yards. If you want a better idea of this market, think of Eataly in New York City! During the Coronavirus pandemic in New York City, this market is providing discounted meals to those in need. Also, chef Jose Andres of Mercado Little Spain, is setting up an “Employee Support Fund” for his employees that are being impacted by this situation. 

Anton’s West Village


With this crisis taking over the city and leaving thousands of people home-bound by force, restaurants are trying to find any way to stay open to keep themselves afloat. There are many restaurants that are doing “pay as you can” methods of buying food for people in need. One of those is Anton’s in the West Village. By doing this method, people are able to get good food for however much they are able to afford whether that is $1 or $5. 


Restaurants in Brooklyn like Olmsted and Gertie are working as a team to help restaurant workers during this time. Since so many restaurants have closed, many workers have no income coming in for essentials. Therefore, these restaurants turned their locations into relief centers giving free meals to people around Brooklyn. Now that’s the teamwork we love to see!?

Ruby’s Cafe

Barefoot Student

Last but definitely not least, Ruby’s Cafe is another local NYC restaurant that is taking action to help our wonderful medical workers that are on the front-lines everyday. With their famous meals, like avocado toast and grain bowls, they welcomed medical staff during their breaks to re-fuel. Thanks to restaurants like these, our heroes can keep on going! 

Thanks to these 5 local NYC companies that are giving back, people from laid off workers to medical staff are able to get what they need day to day to stay healthy. Do you know of any other restaurants that are giving back? If so, comment below! Stay safe and well Faviana Family!



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