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5 Steps to Taking the Perfect Prom Selfie!

Prom is quickly approaching, if it hasn’t happened already, and you are going to want to remember such a monumental day. Chances are, you are going to take a lot of prom pictures on that special day. Many of those will be selfies. You may be saying, “there isn’t much to taking selfies, right?”. Although selfies can be as simple as taking out your phone and snapping the picture, the game has changed. Here are Faviana’s tips for 5 Steps to Taking the Perfect Prom Selfie!

1. Check Yo Self

You might have walked out out of the house looking perfect, but maybe your makeup smudged or you have a few hairs from your prom hairstyle out of place since then. Use a mirror or the front facing camera on your phone and check yourself out before taking the selfie. In order to achieve the perfect prom selfie, everything must be on point first.

2. Backgrounds & Angles


Nothing is worse than taking a photo and realizing the background is embarrassing! You want your beautiful face and your fabulous prom dress to be the highlight of the picture and not the craziness going on in the background. You might want to take a full length selfie in the mirror of your room but from all the prom madness, your room is a mess. Or maybe, you are at prom, ready to take a selfie when some prankster comes up behind you and photobombs your picture. Whatever the case may be, make sure to scan your surroundings first.

What if there is a beautiful view behind you or you have a large group of friends behind you waiting for a group picture and you can’t quite catch it in your selfie. Instead of having someone take the picture for you, a great way to get to widen the view of your selfie would be using the popular selfie sticks. A great selfie stick to purchase would be the rechargeable MPOW selfie stick, with it’s bluetooth remote shutter technology. It is one of the highest selling selfie sticks on Amazon, so check it out!

3. The Perfect Lighting

Lighting is a huge part in taking an gorgeous selfie. Lighting can minimize the appearance of blemishes and those dreaded under-eye circles, and give your face a beautiful glow. It can also affect the mood of your pictures as well. Dull or poor lighting can cause your pictures to look gloomy. A great solution, and one that Kim Kardashian herself uses, is the LuMee selfie phone case; sources say it is the secret to her glowing selfies. It is a phone case that lights up and lasts for up to two days on one charge. Not only that, but dance floors are usually only partly lit or lit up with strobe lights only. It can be too dark to take a selfie on the dance floor, but with the LuMee phone case, you can take perfect lit up selfies in any location.

4. The Perfect Filter

Everyone has different opinions on filters, but many of us love them and how they make our pictures look. Maybe you want to go for the classic black and white filter. Or perhaps the picture is kinda dark and you want to lighten things up. There are so many filters to choose from! Don’t like the filters on your phone or want to edit it even more? Read our article, “Faviana’s favorite photo apps for prom” for the best photo editing apps.

5. Make it your Own


Sometimes we prefer a serious & sophisticated selfie, while other times we want to be totally silly with our Bff’s. Whatever the case may be, make it your own. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! And don’t forget it to tag us in your fabulous prom selfies wearing your Faviana prom dress @Faviana_NY Instagram and @FavianaNY Twitter.


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