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5 Ways To Celebrate Yourself On Valentines Day


Valentines Day is approaching and this day is all about loving you, yourself, and only you! Blast some crazy music in the morning if you dare think otherwise. Single or not, the most important way to celebrate this holiday is loving you! Every young girl out there is beautiful and unique in their own individual way. Remind yourselves this ladies! Let us tell you the best 5 ways you can celebrate yourself on Valentines Day this year.

1. Celebrate Yourself On Valentines Day With A DIY Spa Day

Source: Glamour

Celebrate yourself on Valentines Day by waking up and immediately starting your day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and beautiful! Have yourself a spa day by using everyday at home materials. First light some scented candles and get that tub nice and bubbly. Make your own body scrub by mixing brown sugar, oatmeal, and olive oil. Slap on a nice face mask and don’t forget the cucumbers! To help with rough or cracked skin, try rubbing a lemon on these parts which can be nourishing for your skin. If you happen to have a coconut in the house (or just have access to a grocery store 😉), coconut oil is best used to deep condition your luscious hair. Soak your nails and give yourself a fresh paint job. Shave away all those unwanted hairs, lather yourself in your favorite lotion, and now you are ready to conquer the day.

2. Celebrate Yourself On Valentines Day By Wearing Your Favorite Dress


You are all beautiful but wearing your favorite dress this Valentines Day can make you feel even more beautiful. I’m sure your wallet can manage a quick shopping spree to allow you to feel beautiful on your day! Or, dig through that overstuffed closet of yours and find that dress that screams YOU. Wear a dress that you feel the most comfortable in but accentuates your sexy curvesFaviana Style 8052 is a perfect dress that would help make every girl feel beautiful on Valentines Day. This dress is classic, yet sexy, offering a side slit and flattering back cut out. It is the perfect silky, satin material that will move with your body when you’re out on the town. How is your favorite dress styled?

3. Celebrate Yourself On Valentines Day with A Gal Pals Date Night

Now put on that favorite dress of yours and go out with your gal pals. Who needs boys when you have your girlfriends. Boys drool, girls rule, right? There are so many fun activities that you can do with your gal pals this Valentines Day. Have all your friends over and get dolled up together. Make a reservation to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant or check out tonight’s hottest club. If you aren’t feeling up to going out, you can always stay in and do mani’s and pedi’s with the girls. Throw on some snappy love movies and make some popcorn!

4. Celebrate Yourself on Valentines Day By Chefing It Up


Another great way to celebrate yourself on Valentines Day is by baking or cooking! There are so many delicious Valentines Day recipes that you can chef up this holiday. You can stick with the classic chocolate covered anything, from strawberries, to bananas, or pretzels, marshmallows, even Oreos. Or if your feeling really creative, try making some heart shaped pizzas, sweetheart cinnamon rolls, or even a bacon bouquet. Top it off by making some pretty pink mocktails to go along with your Valentines Day themed food.

Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls Recipe:

All you need is Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon Rolls, icing, and sprinkles!

  1. Buy the cinnamon rolls that are rolled out, not cut out.
  2. Start unwinding the roll, but leave the end that was the center wound.
  3. Bring the two ends together, pinch, and form into a heart shape.
  4. Place cinnamon hearts in a baking pan.
  5. Cook for 15 minutes on 350 degrees in the oven
  6. Add icing and sprinkles when done!

5. Celebrate Yourself on Valentines Day By Writing A Love Letter

Saving the best for last, this is the most important thing you can do this Valentines Day and I encourage you all to do so! Go dig through your house and find a writing instrument and something to write on and make a list. List as many things that come to your mind that you love about yourself! Make the list at least ten bullets long but as long as you’d like. Then make a separate list for all your gal pals with ten things you love about them! Read your list out loud and you better be smiling at the end because you are an amazing person! Then make sure to deliver your gal pals list to them and add a few chocolate covered strawberries you just made.

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