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6 Fashion Tricks For A Smaller Waist


Have you come across those perfect pictures of gorgeous women with stunning curves, small waists, and flat bellies? How do they maintain that “WOW” body at all times? Exercise and the right diet is a known truth, but there are other ways to fake it. The untold secrets are the right clothing, appropriate accessories, and hidden corsets. We’re here to unveil 6 fashion tricks for a smaller waist immediately!

Finding the Right Jeans

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We all need that ideal pair of jeans! So, those with a small upper body and slightly heavier waistlines can use this trick for a smaller waist. To get that smaller waist, you need to opt for high-waist denim. Forget your mid-rise and low-waist pants. To be precise, go for high waisted jeans or trousers. These jeans fit you just right in your smallest tummy area, giving a slim waist appearance. These have a corset-like design in place of the usual button and zip style, making the jeans stretch and fit your waist comfortably.

Corset Dresses

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Have you noticed some dresses make you look great, while some don’t? So, take note of the little hints like the dress length, sleeves, fit, and neckline to come up with that gorgeous end result. For a quick solution, you should try out corset dresses. They look super classy and are an excellent pick for those formal evening events. The fitted waist area with the beautiful laces tied back is small waist magic that always works.

Belts For Casual Styles

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For more casual styles, you can go with a corset belt. Grab a light summer dress and tie the corset belt to see the difference. They go well with the trending shirt dresses, too. The amazing thing about corset belts is how they can transform any top, dress, or skirt into a chic-looking outfit. The loose attire is pulled and fitted with the corset belt, thereby enhancing the overall look. Complete your outfit with boots, stilettos, or pumps!

Wedding Gowns

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The wedding day is that sole day where every bride’s wish is to look ravishing. How do you acquire that dreamy look? Bridal gowns need to be purchased months before the wedding date, so it has to fit you on that special day! Yet, tons of mood-swings, some stress-eating, or the overindulgence at your bachelorette party sure can make any bride put on or lose some pounds around the waist. The never-failing dress choice is a bridal corset. It will fit you beautifully, while flaunting your curves. You can loosen or tighten your bridal gown accordingly and be the picture-perfect fabulous bride!

Celebs Smaller Waist

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Getting that jaw-dropping tiny waist can be a style statement with the huge line of celebrity corset ideas. You can opt for the black mesh corset design to create two totally diverse looks. For example, Madonna wore mesh corsets with black trousers and a jacket. For a semi-formal look, you can throw in a light colored blazer. Hailey Baldwin’s went unpredictable by matching an all-in-one corset with her jumpsuit. If you wish to be in the limelight, try a golden feminine corset over a fitted full-sleeve white top and a ruffled skirt. Rihanna also wore many corsets styles that you may like!

Let’s Shape It Up

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That little bulge below the navel can be a mood-spoiler when dressing up. There are always a bunch of girls who prefer to have that exact corset which will shape the waist section, but be hidden. The idea is to wear a body-shaper corset underneath any top or dress. They make the flab vanish, the waist look slimmer, and the curves pop flawlessly. There are several corset options to pick from such as velvet, satin, strapless, cotton leather, or mesh. Purchase a good quality shapewear for comfort and attractive results.

It’s time to turn the gaze and glares upon you! Those curves and toned abs you once craved for can be yours now with these fashion tricks for a smaller waist. Share with us your looks by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs!



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