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7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


Looking to boost your creativity? Well you came to the right place to learn. Creativity is an art of using imagination or original ideas to create something new or solve a problem. All the technology, arts and everything that exhibit the strength of humankind is the testimony to the creativity of the human mind. For example, all humans in the forest knew that the tree logs are round and would roll down a slope. One mind or a group of minds one day came to know that they can be used to move heavy goods easily. This discovery improvised itself through the work of many creative minds and eventually became a wheel – one such wonders of the human race without which the whole of the human life would come to a halt.

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In the present age where everyone is in a race against each other, novel ideas that give an extra edge are the need of the hour. It may be in marketing agencies that look for innovative ideas to use in their advertisements, in creating a new piece of art, coming up with new ideas to spread social awareness or even deciding what gift to give to your friends on their birthday – all of these and many more require creativity to succeed and stand out. A good way to test your creativity is to experiment with gifting ideas such as science gifts or sports gifts. It is also worth mentioning that creative ideas have a big financial market these days. So, here is a list of 7 ways to boost your creativity.

#1 Detoxify Your Mind

All of us are born creative but certain things like stress, worries, and negative thoughts, which are toxins to the creative mind, impede with your creative functioning. So, the first thing to do to boost creativity is to let go of things that are not under your control and relax. Let your mind become free of all stress and worries. One of the best ways to do this is to meditate and have meals full of nutrition. A free mind is more likely to produce creative ideas.

#2 Write It Down

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Let’s admit a fact – all of us have thousands of thoughts running through our minds and many of them are creative! But when we are to be creative, none of those ideas can be retrieved. So, the best way to stray away from forgetting, is to write down the ideas that are creative and you feel worthy to be noted. In addition, remind yourself of your ideas because this helps stimulate your brain to get out even more ideas.

#3 Make Meaningless Associations

Once you have a task at hand, associate them with the various things you know or you like in life. Was it not a creative mind that associated the appearance of an atom with a pudding or a watermelon? (This refers to the plum-pudding model of an atom in Chemistry). Make random associations which may be absurd, but they will be worth it. You may become the first person to conceive the idea. Whatever you see around you, try to do something creative or unique with that. For example, when you see waste products around you, find a creative way to assert waste management or make something creative from that waste.

#4 Stay In The Present

If you are looking at a stone, be into it. Don’t let your mind wander elsewhere. This helps to see things in detail so that you know when to play with the available things. For example, if you know the letters and their sounds thoroughly, you can play with the sounds and words, like the poets do. That is the very beginning of creativity.

Also, look at a situation from various points of view. Most of the time, the creative solution is the combined effect of all the perspectives.

#5 Know Your Work In Detail

In order for us to play with the spellings, we need to know the letters thoroughly. The same is true in the case of ideas. Whenever you have a work that demands creativity, first understand the task and situation properly and keep pondering over them. A new idea is likely to emerge.

#6 Boost Your Confidence

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Self-confidence and self-esteem are the basis of all the great tasks that man has accomplished today. So, boost your confidence and self-esteem through positive self-talk. Give yourself small treats for even the smallest achievement and above all, love yourself, no matter what. This makes you sure and confident enough to come up with and express your creative ideas.

#7 Throw Off The Burden Of Expectations

No matter what society thinks of you or what outcomes your parents, family, or friends expect from you, expectations are known to impede the performance of the individual. This can be attributed to the lack of confidence or interest in them. Expectations usually limit our thinking. The very basic thing that we do while thinking creatively is crossing those boundaries and thinking out of the box by coming up with new ideas.

Bonus Tip to Boost Your Creativity

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, there is one basic thing to follow – practice. As it is widely said, practice make perfect. This holds true in the case of creativity also. Train your mind to come up with creative ideas through things like puzzles and practice thinking in this line, so that it becomes a habit. Also, make sure you are hale and healthy because a healthy body breeds a healthy mind and a healthy mind is more likely to come up with creative ideas.

Hope these tips help you to boost your creativity and will also help to contribute your invaluable novel ideas to the betterment of the human race.



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