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Behind the Scenes of Faviana’s 2019 Oscars Viewing Party


After a hectic month of planning, prepping and procuring, the big day finally arrived: Oscars night. While most of New York was enjoying a peaceful Sunday, the Faviana team was scurrying around the Financial District, piecing together the final elements of a party that had been in the works for what felt like an eternity.

Photo credit: Mitch Kolby Events 

As I walked towards the stunning Andaz Hotel, I could feel my heart pounding. I knew the hours remaining before the event would fly, and aware of how many irons the marketing team still had in the fire, I hoped the night would go off without a hitch.

Photo credit: Mitch Kolby Events 

Shaking off my worries, I hopped onto an elevator that took me up to a rooftop-level space. Behind two grand glass doors, I saw a few other interns moving furniture and a couple of designers organizing metallic flowers on a bookshelf. I immediately jumped in, filling cups with caramel popcorn and arranging mini cupcakes on tiered platters. The penthouse was transforming before my eyes!

Before I knew it, it was time to start getting ourselves ready for the night ahead. As Faviana girls slipped into their favorite styles and slid into (comfortable) heels, the excitement built further.

Photo credit: Mitch Kolby Events 

I was given the responsibility of making sure our VIP guests were treated like the queens that they are in the Glam Suite. BECCA CosmeticsBlushingtonSkin Spa and Redken helped me with that task, of course, as the ladies were pampered to the max by NYC beauty experts. Complete with a glow bar, a lash station, massages, hair touch-ups and plenty of prosecco, the Glam Suite successfully set the scene for the celebration ahead.

Photo credit: Mitch Kolby Events 

Upstairs, the party was just starting to heat up. DJ Kristine Barilli cranked up Ari’s 7 Rings, and guests couldn’t help but dance. The tables were covered in delicious treats, decadent desserts and killer cocktails. Everyone was snapping pics and flaunting their Faviana gowns. The view of the city was stunning, but distracted by the Oscars red carpet coverage playing on a 75-inch TV screen, party-goers hardly noticed! It seemed that the night couldn’t get any better…

…And yet, it did.  

Photo credit: Mashbooths

By the end of the night, the entire room was on the dance floor. The speakers boomed as I Like It blasted throughout the venue. One hit after another kept the crowd riled up, and even security was dancing! The party wound up lasting an hour longer than expected because ‘90s throwback jams and a massive pizza delivery were keeping the vibe alive.

Photo credit: Mashbooths

As a relatively new intern, I could not believe how much fun I had during such a grueling day of work. Sure, my feet were killing me and I was beyond ready to sit down, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Everything from crawling through puffer jackets in coat check to dancing the night away with the rest of the Faviana team was unforgettable. The inspiring people I met and incredible group of individuals I work with made the event one of the highlights of my semester.

Photo credit: Mitch Kolby Events 

If my behind-the-scenes recap left you wanting more, head over to our Instagram to catch up on everything you missed!

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Don’t forget to celebrate yourself, always!

With love,


Written by Erica Fouts
Edited by Diego Ledezma 

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