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Best Alternatives to Heels


I love a good pump as much as the next babe, but sometimes heels look waaaay better than they feel. Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten ready with your girls and made big plans to dance the night away, but ended up dancing barefoot at prom, heels in hand. (Are both your hands up? Mine are.) I’ve been there, and although the photos were fab, my feet were killing me, and the heels were just in the way.

Let’s be real. Blisters are totally not a good look. But don’t worry, girl, we’ve got your back (and your feet) because we came up with a few stylish shoe options to wear with your gown instead of heels.

Trust me, your ankles will thank you.


Photo credit: Sydney Lenox

Any skaters out there?

Sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers— whatever you call them where you’re from… I’m a huge fan of a good, classic lace-up sneaker. Every time I’m planning for my next event, I feel the need to get a new pair of shoes (as if we really need an excuse to shop, right?) and usually they’re a pair of heels I only wear once. As soon as the night’s over, I toss them into the back of my closet because they kill my feet. What better way to get more out of your purchase than to get a pair of shoes you know you’ll wear more than once because they’re both cute and comfortable.

We’ve all seen those couples who come to prom, arm-in-arm, in matching Converse, but let’s switch it up and sport Vans with our gowns instead. Vans are comfy, versatile, and affordable. With styles in literally every color and pattern, you can match your dress to your Sk8-Hi or pick a fun pattern for a statement Old Skool that’ll show your personality. Wearing Vans to prom means you can get down on the dance floor, and after prom, on your skateboard.

After party at the skate park, anyone?

Nike Air Force 1

Photo credit: SFFTE

The Nike Air Force 1 is the perfect classic shoe to sport with your gown. It’s the right amount of edge and athletic to really make your gown your own. The style comes in an array of colors and limited edition styles in addition to the classic black and white styles. They are even customizable online.

If Nike Air Force 1s are your style, you know you’ll wear them again. You might already have a pair in your closet, in which case you can save a little cash on prom. Maybe you need a reason to get another pair. Whatever the reason, they can be fab or sporty. You decide. They’re an easy sneak that can be paired with almost anything— leggings, pleated skirt, skinny jeans, prom dress. You do you, boo.

Kick your heels aside and hit up Footlocker.

Dr. Martens

Photo credit: How to Stand For Something

Bit of a rebel at heart? Get it, girl. Dr. Martens is known as the shoe of the nonconformist. To be honest, Docs with a gown is a total boss move to say the least, and I’m here for it. Whether you’re into Doc Martens’ forever iconic black 1460s or about their glitter combat boots, wearing Docs at prom says “I might just be here for the food”.

The best thing about Docs is that they get better with time. The more scuffed and bumped your Docs become, the cooler they get. They are practically timeless, making them totally worth the money. And for our animal lover readers, they have vegan leather options in their popular styles if animal products aren’t your thing.

Let’s bring a little grunge to prom, rebel gals.

Cowboy Boots

Photo credit: The Webster

In the words of Nancy Sinatra, “these boots were made for walking”, and in this case, dancing too.

As an East-Coast-baby-turned-Midwest-gal, I can’t deny a good cowboy boot ‘fit when I see one. A pair of cowboy boots is a good way to remix your prom look and stray away from typical heels. Whether you’re wearing a pair you’ve had for years or deciding to splurge on brand new set, these are a fun addition to your event.

From wearing traditional old-school styles to rocking the urban cowboy trend, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many options there are for cowboy boots. As a shoe made for function, these boots are equal parts fashion and function. For instance, if the rodeo is your thing, they can always be restyled with jeans. Embrace your love for Carrie Underwood and pre-2014 Taylor Swift with a sweet pair of boots, regardless of whether  or not country music is on your prom playlist.

Show your prom that cowboy boots are fashion. Yee-haw, ladies.

Photo credit: Brandy G.

Moral of the story, ladies: if heels are not your vibe this prom season, get a shoe that’ll let you live your best life without the blisters. (Ouch.)

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Written by Sydney Lenox
Edited by Erica Fouts

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