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Best Split End Treatments


Summer hair care is extremely important to combat frizzy hair, humidity, and split ends. We want to keep our long locks and avoid getting major haircuts, so what else can we do to fix this? To keep your hair looking its best, we compiled the best split end treatments to try this season!

Split End Treatments Products

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There are many tips for repairing and preventing split ends, so let’s start with the easiest. Split end products exist for a reason ladies, so use them! These include shampoos and conditioners made to repair damaged hair. Especially if your hair is dry, brittle, or colored-treated, then this is the best thing you can do. When you’re showering, you should use plenty of conditioner on your ends to prevent split end-causing breakage. If needed, you can also purchase a leave-in conditioner to use after. Of course, there are also serums and sprays made especially for split end treatments. Check out the best products here!

Create Home Remedies

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Still, there are other treatments out there to prevent splitting that are natural and less expensive. You can create your own split end remedy right in your home with products you already own! Ingredients you can use are egg yolks, coconut oil, honey, olive oil, chamomile, black lentils, papaya, and Aloe Vera. Simply put these on the ends of your hair, and then wash out regularly. You can keep it on as a hair mask, or decide to sleep in it! The more regularly you use these remedies, the better your results will be. These will give your strands all the hair therapy and nutrients they need to become healthier.

Hair Burning Technique

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If you’re completely against getting your hair trimmed, then consider getting your hair burned. This can be done in the comfort of your own home or by a hair professional, don’t worry! This technique requires twisting your hair to expose the split ends in place. You then take a long candlestick and light a flame. Move the candle along the twisted hair strands, and you’ll see your split ends magically burn away. Repeat until you’ve completed your whole head, and then take a nice shower!

Follow Proper Hair Care

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When all else fails, you can easily follow proper hair care to prevent and get rid of split ends. One technique is brushing through your hair before showering to minimize tangles and prevent breakage, which can lead to split ends post-shower. Always apply soap downward, keeping your hair straight and not bunched up. Let your hair air dry, and then comb through it. Try not to brush your hair while it’s wet or pull your hair into a towel. Finally, lay off the heat styling tools for a while. Anything that uses heat to treat your hair is damaging, so try more natural styles!

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