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Biggest Fall Fashion Trends


We may be sad that the summer trends are over, but we’re also happy to start the most-loved season, fall! While watching New York Fashion Week, the runways were filled with unique looks on our favorite celebs. Everyone has their own fashion style, but this season it’s time to try something new. Whether you decide to be bold or original, make sure to jump in and check out these fall fashion trends!

Fall Fashion Trends: The Pantsuit

Breaking gender barriers is something fashion is known for nowadays. Instead of going to pick out a new dress, try swapping out for a pantsuit. You can rock a soft and slouchy style, or go for trim and tailored. No matter what you choose, it can easily be worn at your homecoming, prom, or at work in the office. Not to mention, they’re a lot more comfortable and warmer!

Fall Fashion Trends: Fringe & Checkerboard Nation

The best pieces are ones you can move and shimmy in. Shake away with fringes this fall as you strut down the streets or dance the night away. Fringe adds a sense of playfulness, being strategically placed on the hems of skirts, dresses, or cardigans. Make sure to pick up this trend to look both stylish and cozy.

Whether you call it plaid, tartan, or check, you’re going to be seeing squares everywhere this season. In addition to fringe, the checkered pattern can be found on your favorite pantsuit, skirt, coat, flannel, or dress. This preppy look is definitely a stable for autumn. Try a neutral color palette or vibrant – whichever way the wind blows!

Fall Fashion Trends: Over-Sized Shearling


It may still feel warm outside, but we know the cold is upon us. To prepare, invest in a supersized shearling. These are a popular choice in outerwear, and will make you want to wear your fashionable jacket everywhere. You can get it in any style that fits your personality, from over-sized, short, shrugged, or off-the-shoulder. The furry and big design will be sure to keep you warm, especially if you’re brave enough to wear bare legs!

Fall Fashion Trends: Go Golden

Yellow isn’t always easiest color to wear. Hence why this trend is upgraded to its golden shade. Cloths of gold were popular all over the runway in elegant evening-wear attire. You can proudly pull-off this deal too in your gowns, blouses, or pants.

The golden girls weren’t the only metallics making a statement though. Silver took the stage like a disco ball, shining in the spotlight. With the addition of sequins or crystals, you’ll be sure to stand out this fall no matter where you go.

Fall Fashion Trends: Be Bold

The biggest trend of all on the runway and in the streets are shirts with bold statements on them. This is great for women to express their opinions in a safe and fashionable way. Examples of these shirt titles include: “The Future is Female,” “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights,” “Our Minds, Our Body, Our Power,” “People Are People,” “Stay Woke,” and “Make America New York.” Stand up for what you believe in and take on fall with power!

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