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Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Photo Worthy


I am going to be in a wedding! Not my first, but the first one where I am a full-fledged bridesmaid. No adorable dress with ankle socks and Mary Janes for me. I am in it for the real deal, the official bridesmaid gown. However, having seen 27 Dresses, and maybe a few photos in family albums, I have concerns. I know that I want a dress that is memorable and stylish as well as timeless and chic. I want a dress that is photo-worthy!

We’ve all heard about the “interesting” dresses girls have worn as bridesmaids. Big taffeta, poofy dresses with tremendous sleeves, or dresses with lots of ruffles and bows in all the wrong places. The visuals are not good. We’ve heard that these are the gowns meant to fit everyone, but in reality, they don’t fit anyone! 

Something about bridesmaid dresses threatens the taste of even the most stylish bride. Fortunately, designers are on our side. Bridesmaids everywhere can now look stylish, have a flattering fit, and be ready for their close-ups. Your squad must look flawless too ya know!


Our bridal party recently went through the Faviana look book. The first misconception some of the girls had is that Faviana is only about prom dresses. It is true that Faviana dominates the prom scene but they also have so much more such as bridesmaids dresses. Faviana has beautiful silhouettes, fabrics, and colors that look great on everyone. The best part is that there are many different dresses that work well together, giving you the option to mix and match your bridal party. This long sweetheart dress is the ideal dress for your party of gals with a variety of body shapes. Its empire silhouette will accentuate your waist and elongate your frame. The keyhole back reveals just the right amount of skin to keep this look classy.  

Oh but it gets better… take a look at this silky charmeuse dress. This is a gown that will look good on so many girls, and can be worn for prom, wedding, or any other occasion! The skirt is long and flowy, which provides great comfort and it comes in a variety of colors! 

Just because gowns are not labeled as “Bridal”, doesn’t mean it isn’t an option. Sometimes, it takes a little imagination and an open mind to come up with a new twist for your bridal party. Also, there really are dresses that can be worn again for other occasions so brides take notice! Choose a color and fabric for all of your girls, and then consider various styles that make everyone look good, and feel comfortable. No one will upstage the bride, but everyone should look and feel beautiful. When you are married for 20+ years, you don’t want to look back and say “What was I thinking!?”

My bride is dealing with girls of various ages and sizes. Some are not comfortable in a strapless dress and want to be able to cover their shoulders. Some are bigger on top and need a little more support. Others want to be sure the skirt flows nicely over their hips; yet, don’t over accentuate. We’ve got all of these things to take into consideration and it can turn out to be quite the challenge. I want to look back in a few years and still feel like I would rock the dress and I know choosing Faviana will do just that. 

These are just a few of our recommendations but there are so many more! Faviana is here to be your personal stylist. If you would like more recommendations or want to show off your beautiful bridal party hashtag us #Faviana on Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, check out article with an overview of the perfect bridesmaid dresses.


Amanda W.

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