How to Pick the Best Cocktail Dresses for Any Season? [Guide]


No matter the season, there is always an event to go to. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday party or work gathering, sometimes you need to dress up a bit. This should be a fun experience where you get to show off your style and of course take Instagram pictures. 

But not everyone gets super excited about getting invited to a fancy event. We know the struggle of having nothing to wear or having to buy a new dress for every party. That’s why our newest collection of cocktail dresses is versatile and timeless so you can rewear them. If you want to save some money and time choosing an outfit, check out Faviana’s new styles for your next event and the one after that!

Find Your Style

If you want to look for a cocktail dress that you can wear to any event, figure out what style suits you best. For cocktail dresses, you may prefer scoop necklines over v necklines. Maybe you like open backs with lace up straps. If you know the style you feel the best and most confident in, then shopping for the best dress will be a breeze.

Look for Classic Dresses

We love trends. Fashion trends keep the industry fun and entertaining. Without them, we would all wear the same thing every day. But if you want to shop for a few pieces that you can wear for years to come, it may be better to stick to timeless styles. This doesn’t mean your whole closet has to be classic, but it never hurts to have a few dresses like this.

Simple styles work great but are still elegant and chic. For example, look at this stretch faille satin dress with a sweetheart neckline and a simple skirt. You can wear this on its own in the summer or pair it with a white fur coat for the winter. In the fall, add some rose gold jewelry and Earth tone accessories and in the spring wear a floral purse and dainty jewelry. 

This is a short v-neck dress with a lace-up back that is perfect for any event you go to. You can dress it up with bold jewelry and tall heels. If you want to change up the style, add strappy sandal heels and wear it as a party guest.

Faviana Style S10915


Stick to a Few Details

If you get a dress that incorporates every new trend, it may go out of style quickly. Looking for dresses that are slightly more elevated but don’t overdo it is a great way to fill your closet with staple pieces you’ll love forever.

Faviana S10916

This scoop neck dress with corset boning is simple but has a stunning hotfix crystal mesh inset and side ruching. You can wear it on a night out with the girls or for a work event by adding a blazer on top.

Beaded Tulle Short Dress - Faviana S10923

We also love this short tulle dress with beaded appliqué. Once again, this dress is great on its own or with a nice jacket on top. It is a perfect homecoming dress that you can keep for years after. Since it’s beaded, you can look for similar accessories or keep it very simple with shoes and jewelry.

Whatever cocktail dress you get, we know you’ll look great. It’s about finding what matches your personality and being creative with how you accessorize it. Dresses aren’t always meant to be worn alone. Finding the right jewelry, shoes, and outer layers can take a dress from a formal dinner to a casual birthday party. Show us how you style Faviana dresses by tagging us on Instagram (@faviana), TikTok (@favianany), & Twitter (@favianany)!

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