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Cute & Easy Halloween Nails


Halloween is the best time of the year to experiment with different style choices you wouldn’t usually make. Therefore, there’s no excuse to not up your nail game. There’s many fun and easy Halloween nail designs you can recreate by watching nail tutorials online. It’s the perfect combination for topping off your Halloween costume, your mystical makeup, or just getting into the holiday spirit. Try these cute and easy Halloween nails this month that you can do yourself!

Halloween Nails: Candy Corn

Everyone loves candy corn, so you can now recreate the sugary candy on your fingertips. This nail design is great for beginners and for those who don’t have the all tools for nail art. Start with a yellow nail polish, covering the whole nail. Then, use striping tape to paint the top two-thirds of your nail with orange polish. Once the orange layer is dry, paint the upper third with white polish. Try finishing with a matte top coat for a more authentic candy corn look. You can find other easy designs like this one with nail tutorial videos online.

Halloween Nails: Blood Drip

The Nailasaurus

For those who want both a cute but gruesome look, easily recreate blood dripping down your nails. Start by painting on a nude nail polish that matches your skin tone. Next, take a red polish and paint a few think lines of varying lengths from your cuticle down your nail. Then, add one dot at the end of each line. Take a toothpick or nail art brush and draw a curve line from the dot to your cuticle, filling in the area near your cuticles by joining up the lines. Finally, add your favorite top coat and clean up any mess on your cuticles with nail polish remover.

Halloween Nails: Frankenstein

Release your inner monster with simple Frankenstein nails. Use a lime green polish and a black nail-art pen or nail-art brush to create this classic Halloween design. Start by painting the whole nail green as the base coat. Then, draw one line across each nail and two smaller lines off the first line in black. Paint several smaller lines over your first three lines in order to achieve the stitch effect. The best thing is you don’t have to keep your lines perfectly straight. The more curves and uneven lines, the more authentic the nail design looks!

Halloween Nails: Spiderwebs

Nail Art Designs

The spiderweb nail design may look intricate, but it’s actually a fairly easy Halloween design to master. Start by painting all of your nails with black polish. Then, use a small nail-art brush or a toothpick and white polish to create the webs. Paint intersecting lines across the width of each nail, connecting each crossed line with two smaller. Make sure the lines are curved to achieved more of a webbed look. If you’re new to nail art or have trouble keeping a steady line with your hand,  feel free to rock the web design with just one accent nail!

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