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Cute Halloween Decorations For Your Dorm


It’s finally the month of Halloween, and there’s no better way to get in the spirit than decorating your room. You may already be spending money on your Halloween costume and other fall activities, so consider a cheaper alternative when being creative with your place. Learn how you can decorate your dorm, room, or apartment for the holiday season with these easy Halloween decorations you can do yourself!

Halloween Decorations: Lighting

We all love our fall-inspired scented candles, making everything smell like cinnamon, pumpkin pie, or hot apple cider. Nonetheless, many of us aren’t allowed to have candles in our dorm room, along with most hanging lights. A cute alternative to still have a Halloween light is decorating and creating your own Halloween lanterns. You can make this out of recycled materials such as an empty gallon of milk, a water jug, a mason jar, or empty candle holders.

Grab sharpies and design faces or Halloween themes on your lantern. Do one or a few, arranging them however you like around the room. Then, use an LED tea-lights to place in all of them. This is perfect for your dorm when you want to add a little Halloween pzazz and unique lighting, without it being a fire hazard or setting off that annoying fire alarm!

Halloween Decorations: For the Door


You can easily do a Halloween costume yourself, so why not DIY decorations for your door? Your door is important to decorate since this is what your guests and neighbors see as they pass by on the outside. Grab some construction paper, and let your mind enter spooky thoughts. Transform your door into a personal monster by covering it fully with black paper, then cutting white triangles for fangs and orange circles for eyes.

If you’re not as artistic, an alternative is using computer paper and ink. There’s an array of Halloween banners, bats, ghosts, and other scary characters that are downloadable for printing. Search the web, print them out, and paste away. Either way, your door will instantly stand out from the others on your floor, and everyone will have to enter at their own risk!

Halloween Decorations: For Pumpkins

Put those Halloween makeup tutorials to use on something else besides your face. Decorating pumpkins doesn’t mean you can only carve them, especially if you have small ones for your room. Plays arts and crafts and create a face on your pumpkin with googly eyes, sharpie markers, or paint. You can also go with other patterns and designs you’ve seen on Pinterest and online, or add sparkles and jewels to show off your glamorous self.

If you’ve always wanted to try the crayon trick, here’s your chance. Take a light pumpkin, glue as many crayon colors as you want, and blow your hair dryer on them until they melt. The design you’re left with is super cool, making your pumpkin unique no matter where you display it.

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