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Dazzle In Jewel Tones for Prom!


Among the spring 2020 prom trends, we have seen everything from embroidery to beautiful back details. But let’s dive into something a little more bold and daring…like jewel tones! Jewel toned dresses are a perfect choice if you want to make a statement at your prom this year. Below, we have four of our top jewel tone dresses for you to choose from!

Ruby Red

Who doesn’t love a stunning red dress? Faviana style S10409 is the perfect ruby red piece if you want that sleek and sexy look for prom. Did you know the ruby itself represents nobility, purity and passion? This fiery stone has been appreciated for years and years and has been valued by many cultures. Therefore, wearing this lustrous jewel tone to prom will make you look and feel beautiful! With a flattering neckline and lace up back, this dress is meant to show off your curves. It would be perfect with some gold chandelier earrings and a statement clutch! I mean, you have to carry on the special meaning of this jewel with some special pieces right?

Emerald Green

Have you ever worn green to prom? If not, take a risk and try it out this year! The emerald jewel is one of my absolute favorites. All jewels have their different meanings, but the emerald is rather special. The emerald stone brings a revival of passion and ignites confidence and self-esteem. In a way, this jewel taps into the power of the mind, body, and soul. For that reason, show off your confident self in one of our emerald green dresses! Faviana style S10412 has a beautiful luster that you just can’t peel your eyes away from. It’s almost like it glows from within. With a halter neck to show off your back, you’re sure to make a show-stopping entrance [and exit] wherever you go! Set off this look with some silver diamond earrings and a curly up-do.

24K Gold

Where are all of our golden gals at?! Gold has a naturally luxurious look which is commonly associated with royalty. They don’t make crowns out of gold for no reason, now. Gold also represents a high level of success and wealth, so bring on the glamour with this golden gown girl! To look like you’re dripping in 24k gold, style S10403 is your dream come true. This beautiful ball-gown style dress has such a classic shape with a modern criss-cross back. You’ll look golden (literally!) when you show up to prom in this dress. 

Sapphire Blue

Yes, I am showcasing Faviana style S10412 again, but this sapphire jewel tone is too stunning to pass up! Sapphires are rather unique in their meaning. The sapphire stone represents royalty and wisdom. Remember the sapphire stone necklace from the Titanic?! I still don’t get why she threw it in the ocean. You can feel like a royal queen with this sapphire color as your prom dress. The plunging neckline along with the mermaid style skirt gives off the most beautiful shape. This dress is also giving me color of the year vibes too! Offset the cool tones in this dress with some rose gold jewelry! 

Which one of our jewel tone dresses is your favorite? Comment on our Instagram and check out our Pinterest!

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