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DIY: Distressing Your Denim


Fashion alert! Love distressed jeans, but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further. Today we are going to distress jeans from your own closet – say what?! Who doesn’t love reinventing clothes they already own? Now you can become a distressed jean pro with any old pair of jeans. Here are different ways you can explore distressing your denim. Out with the old, in with the new!

Distressing Your Denim with Tassels

A tassel style is SO cute! This frayed design looks best on skinny jeans, so if you have an old pair of skinny jeans bring them out. To do this, you will cut the hem off the bottom of the jeans, and then cut vertical strips at your preferred width and length. Finally, shake those tassels out! There you have it, a new looking pair of jeans in front of your eyes! This look is perfect for keeping tour legs warmer and still have some distress, ideal for winter fashion.

Original Distressed

The Everygirl

The original distressed jean design is super easy to do! Sometimes, simple is better. For this style, you will need a piece of sandpaper and scissors. First choose where on the jeans you want it to look worn. Next, sandpaper over where you want the jeans to look worn. Then, cut horizontal slits on the areas you want to distress. From here, you can pull out the threads in the jeans to your liking. It may help to use tweezers to pull the threads that you want to show.


This bleaching style can be altered to however you’d like. Start by grabbing a pair of old dark jeans you have. You can bleach the entire jean to give it a whole new look, or you can choose certain areas where you want the bleach to show. Another option is taking some tape and making a long stripe down the side of the jean. Then, only put bleach on the inside of the tape. Now you have a lighter stripe on the jean! These jeans will become a fall staple this season.

Distressed Shorts

You can take a pair of old jeans and turn them into distressed jean shorts! All you need to do is cut them to your desired length shorts, then distress away! You can even try using a shaving razor to create a fray look. Additionally, you can also pull out the threads once you cut the shorts. Be creative and bleach parts of the shorts, distress certain areas, or even patch something onto the short! The warm weather may have ended, but save these babies for next summer.

I hope this helped you decide how you want to transform some of the jeans in your closet! There are so many different styles to try, but these are a good variety to show you how you can achieve this look! Remember to get creative and experiment yourself!

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