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DIY: Autumn Decorations


Though everyone’s getting excited about Halloween and their costumes, let’s not forget the season we’re in. While Halloween will end after October 31st, the fall season continues until the end of December. To continuously get in and stay in the spirit, here are easy autumn decorations you can create yourself!

Autumn Decorations: Leaf Bowl

Instead of spending tons of money on an autumn bowl, you can easily create it yourself with a few steps and items. Take a balloon, and blow it up to your desired bowl size. Next, paint the top half of the balloon with glue. Attach craft leaves as you do this, continuing until the bigger half of the balloon is fully covered. Once dry, pop the balloon with a needle or safety pin. You are now left with a crafty leaf bowl for decoration, a candy dish, or cover! It does’t get easier than that.

Autumn Decorations: Hanging Pinecones


A great way to welcome fall and guests is making an elegant cluster of pinecones to hang on your door. As you’re out on your fall adventures, try finding eight decent-size pinecones. Cut up and gather the same amount of ribbons, assigning one to each. Use a hot-glue gun to glue the end of the ribbon to the base of the cone. After they are all done and the glue is dry, collect all the ribbon ends and stagger them so the pinecones fall at varying lengths. Finally, tie the ribbon ends together in a knot, trimming the tips so they aren’t uniform. Slip the knot over a finishing nail, and you just created an autumn decoration!

Autumn Decorations: Leaf Jars


Fall is all about the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. Therefore, a leaf decoration is a staple to make. All you need for this craft is a mason jar (or multiple) and acrylic paint. Begin by tracing and cutting out a a leaf design, then sticking it to the mason jar with any adhesive. Pick an acrylic paint color that you want to use, and then paint over the whole jar. Make sure you allow the paint to dry completely between each coat, otherwise it will clump and pull away from the glass. After it is completely covered (usually in 3 coats), gently peel away the leaf design and touch up any rough edges, and there you have it! Add some corn kernels or flowers and place a candle or tea light inside for some illumination. Finish off with some ribbon or hay around the top of the jar, too!

Autumn Decorations: Tree Coasters

For those more crafty and adventurous with fun fall things, then try this project. To make a tree branch coaster, you’ll need to find a small tree limb. Carefully saw the branch into slices or have a hardware store do it for you, lightly sanding each wood disk. Then, create a leaf motif or other fall designs by pressing an inked stamp on each coaster. Let it dry for five minutes, then coat each one with a protective matte finishing spray. After letting it dry again for 15 minutes, it’s ready to use for you and your guests! DIY Halloween decorations are easy to come by, but who knew it was the same for autumn decorations?

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