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Easy Fixes For Broken Makeup


Don’t throw that powder or lipstick away just yet. Did you try fixing it? Do you not know how to? We know you spend your time at Sephora looking for the best makeup products and that you spent your last paycheck on your new favorite powder. Then, it accidentally broke. I know, a true horror story. But there is a bright side. It can be fixed! Here we have tips and tricks on easy fixes for broken makeup! Call out of work because this is a beauty emergency.

Broken Makeup: Highlighter, Bronzer, Blush, & Eyeshadow

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I always wonder why I pay for cheap packaging that won’t secure my makeup. But then I swatch on a highlighter, love how shiny it is, and buy it anyway. If you’ve ever dropped your bronzer, blush, highlighter, or eyeshadows you know the feeling of throwing away all of your money that you spent on that makeup item. Did you know though that there is a way to fix your broken makeup? If you haven’t heard about this hack, then keep on reading.

The magic word is: Alcohol. Nope, not that kind of alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is what you need to fix makeup. If your makeup has cracked and spilled out of its container, you want to collect all the pieces and put them back in the tray. Then break it all up, this way when you pour the alcohol in it will be easier for the powders to form together. Use a spoon to press it down on tray. Leave it to dry overnight and your powdered bronzer, blush, highlighter, or eyeshadow will be as good as new.


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Bullet lipsticks usually break easily which is why I don’t buy or wear them often. The bullet shape is the standard mold for creamy lipsticks. You may opt for a liquid lipstick, but now with this trick, it will save you and your bullet lipstick’s life!

What you need: A lighter. If a large portion of the formula broke off, hold the lipstick tube straight up and stick the broken part in place. Take the lighter to the lipstick’s body, then carefully press the flame to the seam of the broke part. This will allow the product to melt and stick back together.

Gel Pots, Mascara, & Brow Pomades

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Sometimes our makeup dries out before its expiration. It just needs a little pick me up. If you drop 1 to 2 drops of oil in these products it will restore its moisture and work great again. Any type of skincare oil will work like Argan oil or coconut oil. I also use castor oil on my brow products because it helps my eyebrow hair grow. Another trick is using eye drops in mascara to loosen up the formula.

Pencil Eyeliner & Lipliner

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Liners can get dry sometimes, especially if it’s in a wooden pencil. All you need to fix this is a blow dryer. Hold the pencil about a foot away from the blow dryer and move the dryer back and forth along the length of the pencil to its point. This will evenly warm up the product and melt the liner’s formula just a little. In thirty seconds, your pencil liner will be restored from its dryness.

Hard Film Covering Face Powder

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When you use your go to powder, you may wonder why there is a hard layer on top and why you can’t get any product on your brush. This is a hard film that builds up because your makeup brushes transfers oil from your face and onto the surface of your powder which makes it impossible to use. The same thing can also happen to certain eyeshadows if you wet your brush before use.

Do you want to know how to fix this? Tear off a piece of packing tape and press it firmly over the top of the product. Then, gently pull off the tape and watch as the hard layer of film comes off. Before I knew this trick, I would try to scrape off the film with a fork. I’m happy I found this trick so now I don’t have to waste product and neither do you!

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