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Eco Friendly Jewelry Brands You’ll Love


It can be very hard to find jewelry that is both beautiful and eco friendly. It is important to choose a jeweler who makes an effort to ensure their creations are ethically made and do not harm the environment. Here are some of our favorite eco friendly jewelry brands you’ll love!

Eco Friendly Jewelry Brands

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The brand A Beautiful Story truly has a great company story. They assist communities all over the globe that are brought down by social issues and poverty. To counteract these difficulties, the company employs and trains those who are interested in creating fine jewelry. Their treatment further shows how the brand has a conscience: the work space is safe and cozy, and their workers are given fair wages. Together, they create elemental jewels based off earth, fire, water, and air.

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Amado Gudek jewelry originates from Singapore and is created primarily from bioresin, which comes from industrial companies, found in and re-purposed from their waste streams. Wood pulp, for instance, takes up a large amount of their output. Works of jewelry are hand-made from scratch and are like snowflakes: every piece is unique and completely distinct from others.

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Coming out of Bali, Ananda Soul Creations makes sure to make their jewelry not just fashionable, but also sustainable and ethical. They do all they can to ensure the environment is treated as well as possible throughout the process. Their primary material source, recycled silver, emits the accents reminiscent of Bohemia. Not just focused on the environment, Ananda Soul Creations focuses on their workers; they employ mothers whose children are on the streets in hopes of giving these children an education.

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Jeweler Andrea Bonelli creates golden bands for weddings and engagements, recycled gemstones and studs. All stones are ethically minded and come from recycled materials. These pieces are then lovingly crafted, with the jeweler’s attention, focusing on the source and quality of the gems and jewels that they choose.

Photo Credit: Anueva Jewelry

Anueva creates their products out of recycled silver, gold, and gemstones, and their products show how they are inspired by these elements of nature. To emphasize their eco-friendly business, the designer plants a tree for every purchased item through the Plant-It 2020 charity.

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Bario Neal uses recycled and fair-mined diamonds and gemstones to establish themselves as one of the leaders in ethical jewelry making. They ensure that those working in all areas of the supply chain are supported by healthy working conditions.

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Bead for Life uses recycled Ugandan paper to handcraft their beads. They are established as a non-profit and certified as a Fair Trade company. Their jewelry works to assist the impoverished women of Uganda.

Photo Credit: Finally, pretty Triathlon Jewelry!

Warning: despite appearances, Bewitched jewelry is not food! Their pieces are inspired by local cuisine. Choose a necklace, anklet, bracelet, earrings, or more. All are made out of polymer clay, and incorporate items from around the house for texture. Look for their ang ku kuehs and gem biscuits!

Photo Credit: Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth also uses precious metals that are both refined and recycled. Where they distinguish themselves is by ensuring that all diamonds come from environmentally responsible locations. Five percent of their profits go to communities that have been plagued by previous unethical conditions.

Photo Credit: AliExpress

Covenant’s purpose is to do good while making a high-quality product with intricate meanings embedded in their products. Their Cambodian artisans are paid fairly, and are given a safe, comfortable workplace, as well as healthcare.

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Eco Lustre’s founding sisters create affordable and beautiful jewelry that is simultaneously environmentally friendly. Their U.S.-based artisans create their eco friendly jewelry from recycled sources.

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Where can you find soda and beer bottles, outside of the trash and recycling centers? Check out the jeweler, Gulnur Ozdaglar. They re-purpose bottles to create hairpins, necklaces, earrings, and crowns that will impress you with their creativity and luminosity. The company’s goal is to upcycle, showing you how it can be incorporated into our lives.

Photo Credit: Bend Lifestyle Magazine

Heather Nashelle’s eponymous company uses hammered metals as well as angular gems, handcrafted into ethically made fashion, which creates breathtaking results. Her company collaborates with the charity, Feeding America, as well as local charities. By combining these sources, she has created Fashion Feeding Hunger. This company gives one plate of food to a hungry person for every purchase made. With Nashelle, you can have fashionable ethically-sourced jewelry and help feed the hungry at the same time.

Photo Credit: Rembrandts Gallery and Wine Bar

Marchelloart creates bracelets from metal that was previously used in forks and spoons. This reflects their mission statement, which focuses on recycling and re-purposing to ensure that a second life is possible for all elements in nature.

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Revetro is a family-owned business owned by a mother and her daughter-in-law. They create housewares and jewelry out of re-purposed glass bottles, being the ultimate eco friendly jewelry brand.

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Andrea Pellicani, the designer of What Goes Around Jewelry for nearly thirty years, has been incorporating resourced gemstones and silver into her jewelry. The materials are sourced from her local state of Oregon.

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