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Embracing Your Inner Beauty



Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become influential sources in our world today. Currently, 94% of teens and young adults use some type of social media whether it is on their laptops or smartphones. Whether you are aware of it or not, social media impacts your confidence. What happens when you see models or “Instagram famous” models? Do you compare yourself or see your confidence slowly fading? Are you inspired when you see these models? Or maybe you feel insecure hearing and seeing all the self-body shaming that happens on social media. If, like many of us, you feel any of these ways too, keep reading for our guide to embracing your inner beauty.

You Are More Than Your Looks

“Beauty doesn’t depend upon perfect sizes or shapes, but on the kind of attitude one has towards one’s body.” –Model, Vivian Diller

Confidence is key. Girls are made beautifully and wonderfully in different shapes and sizes. The diversity of us all makes our world beautiful. Be positive and don’t talk down about yourself. Tell yourself you have a beautiful body because you do! Believe in yourself and rock the body you were given!  This world would be such a boring place if we all looked exactly the same.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Put your phone down for a while and hangout with friends who bring out your inner confidence, where you can be yourself. Go out and do something fun, dress up and be you. As Audrey Hepburn once said “Happy girls are the prettiest”, let your confidence be your best asset and choose your friends wisely. You are become the sum of who you surround yourself with.  If there are negative people in your life, eliminate them from your circle.

Logout When Necessary

Studies have shown that using social media before bed can increase stress and lower confidence. When you see yourself scrolling and comparing to others, stop and put your phone down for the night. Try reflecting on yourself and your day before bed. Ask yourself what you will do differently tomorrow to be more confident. Get to bed early so you can wake up in time to feel the best you, every morning. Turn off your phone after dinner and see how much stress has been relieved. You will get more sleep anyways!

Eliminate Negativity


There is no reason to put yourself down. Stop the self-mutilating talk and write down your top 10 favorite aspects about you. It could be anything from your hair to the silly jokes you make with your friends. Think of characteristics that are beautiful to you. When talking to others, say things that sound proud and confident, do not get in the habit of talking negative about yourself to your friends or family. Show them that you are beautiful inside and out. Even if you are not feeling particularly beautiful at that exact moment, you will eventually speak your confidence into existence.

Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to make a day all about YOU. Go to the mall, put on your favorite Faviana dress, do the things you love, and treat yourself like a princess.  I have a friend who designates an entire month to her birthday and she rewards herself in different ways through out the month.

Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you know that looking up your favorite models on Instagram causes you to be jealous and feel insecure, then stop hurting yourself. Find a balance where you can still enjoy social media but set a limit. Know what hurts you and brings you back up. Search for an activity that makes you feel confident and beautiful. If you are an artist, draw a beautiful landscape or even a self-portrait. It is easy to fall into the traps of discouragement and negative talk. That is when we need to find the activities and people who make our confidence raise the most.

After following these steps to embracing your inner beauty, you will feel more confident, happy, and will begin to love yourself more. Once you find the beauty within yourself, the world around you will become a much more beautiful place too. You will see the beauty in others and will continue to grow into your confident self.

Embrace yourself, and then you can embrace the world around you. Wear one of Faviana’s empowerment bracelets to give you a constant reminder to celebrate yourself when every you look at your wrist.  

Tweet us @FavianaNY the ways you love to celebrate yourself by using our #CelebrateYourself and #Faviana hashtags.

With love,


Brand Ambassador, Faviana

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