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10 Fashion Brands You Are Mispronouncing


To all the fashion lovers out there, how many high-end fashion brands can you name off the top of your head. Now, how many of those high-end fashion brands did you say correctly? Do you even know if your saying them incorrectly? There are quite a few fashion brands you are mispronouncing but don’t fret we are here to help and to learn. Every real fashionista should know how to pronounce these ten high-end fashion brands!

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Givenchy


Out of the various fashion brands that exist today, number one on our list of brands you are mispronouncing is Givenchy. Givenchy originated from the designer Hubert Givenchy himself. He opened the House of Givenchy selling high-end fashion and perfumes. A very famous french name, which are known to be difficult to pronounce. To help you remember how to pronounce Givenchy, first remember the G actually sounds like a J. The French E makes a long Ooo sound and the CH sounds like SHHH! Put it all together and you get – Givenchy!

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Hermes


Up next we have some more French brands you are probably mispronouncing, Hermes. Hermes originated from it’s creator Emile Hermes who produces high-end leather goods. You can’t miss their bright orange logo but everyone tends to miss the proper pronunciation of this name. An easier way to remember the proper pronunciation is saying AIR not HER then finishing it off with MEZ. Think of the PEZ candy but with an M. Hermes!

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Jean-Paul Gaultier

“Zhon-Paul Goo-Tee-Ay”

Jean-Paul Gaultier, our third French designer among its competitor brands that you are mispronouncing, began his fashion career at just the age of 18! Not only does he design haute couture and high-end fashion, he has also worked for other high-end brands such as Pierre Cardin, Jacques Esterel, Patou, and even Hermes! Here’s how we can remember how to pronounce this name. Think of the word yawn but replace the Y with a J. Now you have JAWN. Or even like the soap DAWN but with a J. Next, we have PAUL. An easy boy name to remember. Lastly, remember your favorite farm animal, which would be a goat (or at least pretend!) plus ayyy. There you have it – Jean Paul Gaultier.

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Lanvin


Lanvin, founded by Jean Lanvin, tops our fourth French designer, and the oldest! This mispronounced word should be easy to remember because its short! Right? Here’s how to make it easy. Take the A out of LAN and you have LON (LAHN) followed by VHAN, basically like a long drown out VANNN but in a french accent. Both N’s in this word are pronounced softly as well as the H is always silent.

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Yves Saint Laurent

“Eve Sanh La-Rahn”

Yves Saint Laurent, former employee for Christian Dior, opened his own high-end fashion line creating the smoking jacket and jumpsuit. If your favorite holiday happens to be Christmas or New Years EVE then his first name will be easy to remember. Saint is really pronounced more like SONG so remembering your favorite tune might help ring a bell. The best way to end his name would be a long drawn out RON. Like you’re emphasizing your boyfriends name. LA RONNN.

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Chopard


This is one of our unique brands you are mispronouncing as Chopard is a high-end Swiss watchmaker and jeweler. Louis-Ulysse Chopard, creator of his exquisite watches and packet watches is a German based company. An easy way to remember this designer is just SHOP like your ready to go buy something and then lets hear your best pirate imitation – ARRRR. The C sounds like an S and the D is silent. Chopard!

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Balmain


Pierre Balmain, founder of yet another French fashion house, designs ready to wear clothing, perfume, jewelry, and accessories. This is probably the easiest brand to remember on this list because if you remember from previous brands the H is always silent. You will never mispronunce this brand again it’s just BALL plus MAN. Balmain!

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Herve Leger

“Air-Vay Lay-Jah”

Herve Leger, coming in at number eight with guess who, another French house designer who is famous for creating the bandage dress. That body con dress that hugs and accentuates your body, thank Herve Leger for creating it. In order to thank him though, you don’t want to disrespect him by mispronouncing his name. The H is silent so the ER sounds like AIR and the E in VE translates to an AY sound. The R is never pronounced and the last E is very soft. Again the E in LE translates to LAY and the G is pronounced with a J sound ending with AHHH! All together you have Herve Leger.

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Giambattista Valli

“Gee-am Bah-tease-ta Vah-Lay”

Coming close to the end of our fashion brands you are mispronouncing, we have Giambattista. Giambattista is an Italian Haute couture fashion designer. Much different from all our French designers. He shows his collections four times a year at Paris Fashion Week. Ou-la-la. Along with his high-end designs he also designs accessories and fur. Does looking at his name make you cringe just a little? Probably one of the most difficult fashion brands you are mispronouncing. The easiest way to remember this name is first your secrets boyfriend name, JOHN. Then think of a Starbucks BARISTA but add a little sheep sound when saying it. BAHH-TISTA. Then end it with your about to VALET your car. There you go ladies – Giambattista!

Brands You Are Mispronouncing: Versace


Versace is a luxury Italian company founded by Gianni Versace himself. If you need help remembering how to pronounce Versace, listen to the song “Versace by Migos” and we can promise you will know it by the time the song ends. 

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