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Faviana Celebrates International Women’s Day


As you may have heard, March 8th is International Women’s Day! It is a day when the whole world is celebrating women, proving what we are capable of, and pledging to make positive changes for the future. Here at Faviana our mission statement is: “To Help Women Feel Good & Celebrate Themselves!”

Across the world there are peaceful marches, demonstrations and meetings being held to bring women together and to discuss the issues of gender inequality, and what is being done to keep women’s rights a priority.

Let’s dive into the history of International Women’s Day, women who inspire us, and what you can be doing to make change for the future!

The History

International Women’s Day was formed as a result of women’s rights movements dating back to the 1900s, from fighting for the right to vote to fighting for equal pay. Officially dubbed International Women’s Day in 1975, the annual March 8th event is not affiliated with any specific sponsor or political group, making it all-inclusive and centered around all women.

This year’s International Women’s Day is a bit unique. The inspired group behind the Women’s March is calling today A Day Without A Woman, in an effort to show the world the power of women.  On this day women everywhere are calling out of work or school, avoiding spending money, and wearing red to show solidarity and unity.

The Leaders

Women across the globe are speaking out on the issues surrounding gender inequality, and shattering outdated expectations of women. These strong, confident women are setting the stage for women and girls everywhere to expect more, and to live up to their full potential with pride.

Emma Watson 

Watson has spent her adult life raising awareness about the wage gap and misrepresentation of women in the workplace. Honored as an Ambassador for the UN for her efforts, she has made incredibly moving public statements on the topic, and spearheaded campaigns for women in all countries.

Hilary Clinton

With her impressive resume of high-powered positions, Clinton is no stranger to issues of unequal treatment. She has used her public position to make changes in women and girls’ education, workplace rights, wages and much more. She also proved that girls are capable of anything by running for President in this past election!

Ashley Graham 

Breaking body stereotypes in the fashion industry, Ashley Graham is one of the most talked about women right now. Featured in big name magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, she was also one of the first plus-sized models to be featured prominently in New York Fashion Week this year, and rocked it! She is a perfect example of the change being made for women in the United States, and internationally. Ashley proves that fashion is for every body and that there is always a way to look and feel your best, check out our tips for dressing for your body shape below!

What You Can Do

Stay Informed

Find out what you can be doing to empower women everywhere by starting out in your community! Research what is happening in the world and how it effects you, and get involved in events created to bring strong women together. Events like the Women’s March, and A Day Without A Women are happening all over in the coming months, and there are numerous groups and clubs to be a part of. Use the official day hashtag, #BeBoldForChange, to find out what other women are doing to take action, and to also share what you will be doing to make a difference.

Support Your Girl Gang

Give your girls some love! Make sure you are supporting the women in your life, and always setting aside time to care for yourself as well. Offering a kind word of encouragement is sometimes enough to set someone on the right track!

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? What do you and your Girl Gang do to celebrate yourselves? Post photos to your Instagram and tag our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY so we can follow along too!



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