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Original Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


From day one, your bridesmaids are there for you. You called all of them immediately after your future husband put the ring on your finger, they accompanied you to various appointments to prepare for the big day, made sure you never stressed (or rather found out about) any hiccups along the way that may have forced you into bridezilla mode, and stood by your side on the day of your wedding.

Now, it’s time to thank them. I’ve compiled a list of bridesmaid gift ideas. Your bridesmaids will cherish and look back on your perfect day and all the fun that went into planning it. Don’t worry, if your wedding was more boho than princess, or glam rather than rustic woodland – we’ve covered it all. All the gifts are unique, yet versatile and send a message of love and appreciation to your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For the Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are so lively and put a unique spin on an event that occurs nearly every day. Choosing your destination is just as important as letting your bridesmaids know how much they mean to you. How special would it be if you and your bridesmaids showed up sporting matching passport covers that compliment your destination or theme?!


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For the Millennial Wedding

I often have to make sure I schedule time to actually put down my phone as opposed to checking it, so I can imagine how glued to your phone you and your bridesmaids might be during the planning process and the big day. That is why a portable charger is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Portable chargers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, designs, and prices so no matter your budget this is a great gift to make sure your bridesmaids receive all your texts about how much you adore them!  


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For the Classic Wedding

Who says no to jewelry? No one. A piece of jewelry is a timeless gift to give to your bridesmaids. Jewelry is so customizable. You can choose pieces that perfectly match your theme or compliment the individual bridesmaid. If your wedding is set at a unique spot you could even customize a necklace with location coordinates as a special or almost secret way for your bridesmaids to remember the special day.


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For the Pinterest-Inspired Wedding

This one is my favorite! You can give the camera to your bridesmaids as soon as you ask them to be in the bridal party. This way they can take pictures from their perspectives from day one of everything – from finding the bridal dress to the actual day of, you’ll have it documented. Polaroid pictures are instant memory catchers of a beautiful sight in front of you. Too often we take pictures with our phones and never actually print them and end up having thousands stacked up in folders on our computers. Polaroid pictures are perfect because they’re tangible. You can even invite the bridal party to bring the pictures they’ve taken along the way to share with all your wedding guests.


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For the Sentimental Wedding

Notebooks are the perfect gift because they can be super inexpensive but carry so much sentiment. If you’re a bride that loves to write or journal her thoughts, this is the perfect gift. Start off the notebook for your bridesmaids with an individualized note on the first page. Encourage them to write about the entire journey so in a few years you can all get together again and reminisce over each other’s favorite memories (the good, the bad, and the ones that made you cry tears from laughter).


All of these options are so versatile, you can’t go wrong. You are able to customize each and every gift to yours and your bridesmaid’s individual styles, preferences, and budget. No matter what you choose to gift your bridesmaids they will be sure to know that you put as much thought into their special gift as you put into your special day.

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