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Faviana’s Guide to Bridal Showers


Bridal showers are traditionally an opportunity for guests to offer the bride-to-be gifts for her future home and family. As we all know, this year is anything but a traditional year and bridal shower trends are certainly reflecting the unconventional times. These new bridal shower trends provide everyone with the gift that keeps on giving — unforgettable memories! Keep on reading for Faviana’s Guide to Bridal Showers.

Brunching Besties

We’re not exactly sure where the phenomenon that is brunch came from but if it makes it socially acceptable to drink mimosas at noon, you can count us in! If you are having a more intimate wedding and just want a low maintenance shower, then a bridal brunch is perfect. You can enjoy an open bar and brunch at your favorite restaurant, or host the shower at home to save money. A homemade brunch gives you the opportunity to get as creative as you want, and will finally get to put all those Pinterest DIY to good use.

Treat Yourself Bridal Showers

Weddings are stressful and no one wants to face the wrath of an angry bridezilla! Take a deep breath, grab your guests and head on over to the spa. A day at the spa can be beneficial to everyone involved in the process of planning the big day and will give you a reason to take a personal day off of work. You deserve to be pampered after all those months of preparation!

The Bro-dal Shower

As the Bob Dylan song goes, “the times are a changing.” The bride may not be the one who needs the domestic gifts and that is where the bro-dal shower comes in. A bro-dal shower is the male equivalent to the bridal shower, which is still a fairly new trend but joint showers have been around for a while now. Both the bride and groom get to be equally celebrated in the company of their guests! Joint showers are usually more casual and thrown by the couple but in the age of the bro-dal shower, anything goes. We really just wanted an excuse to use bro-dal shower in a sentence.


Come up with a creative hashtag for your shower and have your guests use it when putting the picture on social media. Couple names can be memorable and sometimes cringe-worthy, but we’re not pointing naming any names (Kimye). No better way to start off your life together than by announcing it in millennial style!

Guests Giving Back

One recent trend that has gained popularity in the bridal community is the donation based shower. Brides have their guests bring a donation for a charity of their choice or canned goods to donate to a food pantry. This theme may take away from the traditional spotlight that is put on brides during her shower, but it is certainly for a good cause. After all, one couple can only receive so many toasters before it becomes wasteful! This way everyone can walk away from the party feeling good about their present.

Bridal showers are no longer have to be boring. Whether you are planning your own shower or hosting the party, you can use these trends to plan the perfect party! Don’t forget to check out some of Faviana’s bridal shower dresses to wear no matter what shower you decide on. Let us know what you did by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns or @Faviana and on Twitter @FavianaNY!


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