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Faviana’s guide to choosing the best shapewear



Faviana has dresses for all shapes and sizes, so they’ll be sure to flatter your shape. However, sometimes we do want a little extra something to give us the shape we desire. For instant body confidence getting the right undergarment is a must and can sometimes make or break a dress. So let’s have a look at some of our favorite types of shapewear sure to make us look stunning in our Faviana dress! Finding shape wear can be difficult at times! There are many things to take into consideration before you pick a shaper. You can’t just walk into a store, grab a shaper and hope it works. You must see if it works for your style of dress, your body type, and if it is comfortable for you to wear.  You have to take several aspects into consideration.

The Style of Dress

Every party dress is styled slightly different and for this reason, there are tons of different body shapers. You have to be mindful of every cut and hem line in your dress.

1. Two-piece dress

Two-piece dresses are totally trending right now. These are great at making you feel tight and toned and perfectly slim in time for your next event! Shapewear shorts are great for high-waist skirts or dresses with a high waistband. They can make you feel like you have a little more freedom than a shapewear skirt and less constricting which is why we prefer the shorts to the skirt. You feel tightly sucked in whilst still retaining the movement and freedom but with the feeling of a flatter tummy and slimmer thighs.

2. Strapless dress

Although a lot of strapless dresses come with a built-in bra or some type of support, we might still need a little more support. The stick-on silicone bras are absolutely perfect for those more demanding dresses with daring necklines. Sometimes it may seem impossible to find a bra that you can conceal, that still gives you the lift you need while also remaining invisible. Well, with the stick on silicone bra. This is is a must for a strapless dress.

3. Backless dress

Backless dresses are stunning, but if you are wearing shapewear, it can difficult to find one for your gorgeous backless dress. Backless shapewear is the answer. It not only gives you support in the bust and tucks in your tummy, it also leaves your back exposed so there is no evidence of shapewear in sight.

4. Fitted/Body con dress

We all love a good bodycon dress but finding shapewear for a bodycon is very hard. Since the dress is tightly fitted, it is highly possible that your dress will show any under garment lines… which is a definite no-no! So to avoid this major fashion “uh-oh”, you need to find a seamless (or no show) body shaper.

Your Body Type


So you know what style dress you have, now it’s time to figure out your body type. Different shapers aid to hide or bring out different parts of your body. If you are smaller in some areas and want to enhance them, you need to look for an enhancing body shaper. If you have a little more in the hips or belly areas, you need to look for a “hold you in” body shaper.


This is the most important thing to take into consideration! Please, ladies, make sure that you are comfortable in whatever shape wear you pick out! There isn’t anything worse than looking amazing but being extremely uncomfortable. You want to be able to move around and enjoy yourself in your party dress. A great way to test out your body shaper is to try it on! Sit down, bend over and squat (yes really!) in it to be sure you can move around comfortably without it bulging or rolling down.

Now that you know how to pick out your body shaper, you should be well on your way to rocking that party dress! You’ll be wowing the crowd in no time! Go and celebrate yourself! Faviana style. Have any advice or tips on shapewear? Let us know on our social media pages, @FAVIANANY on Twitter, @FAVIANA_NY on Instagram – we can’t wait to hear from you!



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