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Faviana’s Guide to Crazy-Cool Prom Themes


Are you on the prom committee this year and out of amazing ideas for your prom? As prom is just around the corner, here are a few fun ideas to make your night even more memorable for your peers and yourself! They will for sure get everyone into the party mode!

Masquerade Ball

In the mood to make this year’s prom mysterious and classy? Then there is no better way than to throw a Masquerade Ball! What is great about this theme is that you can decorate it with anything that you want. You can easily let your inner 18th Century French romance out by adding castle decorations and chandeliers. Or you can go for something more modern; more mysterious. What is great about this theme is that you can bring some many great ideas to life to encourages your friends to rock out their masks! For instance, you can hold a contest to see who would come up with the greatest design and earn some wonderful prizes! And a Masquerade Ball is so easy to decorate. You can make the most your decorations by looking at some DIY tutorials that uses cardboard, glitter (can never go wrong with a bit of glitter!) and colorful lights! Make it romantic, mysterious and especially fun!

Try out Faviana Style No.S7737 for this prom theme.

Yule Ball

If you are a Harry Potter fanatic, then you have already dreamed of having your own Yule Ball! Now this could be a great opportunity to make this dream come true! For sure this theme fits perfectly if your prom is happening during winter, but that does not mean that you cannot make any other season even more magical! You can easily recreate this magical scenery from your favorite Harry Potter scene with some ice sculptures, fake snow, and some twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling to recreate a starry night effect! Nothing can be more romantic than a beautiful starry night with your one true love. To make this theme even more perfect, send out invitations to your class in Hogwarts styled letters inviting them over for the night to set the tone early and get everyone in the magical spirit. Another great idea is to recreate a wizard-like feeling by hanging lanterns on fake trees, covered in fake snow! This will for sure make your prom stand out from the ordinary muggle’s one!

Faviana Style No. 7768 will be a perfect addition for this Yule Ball event.


As another great idea for prom, why not spend a night in the most romantic cities in the world? A Paris theme prom is a total classic, especially you are a deep romantic! Take your class across the world for a unique night under the stars in the city of love! Set up this perfect theme with using a backdrop picture from the Eiffel Tower (a kit can be found at To make it even more memorable, make sure to complete your look with some starry lights and string lights in order to create a gold tulle underneath the Eiffel Tower! With this, you can let your imagination loose by adding some roses here and there, as well as add a beautiful backdrop of the moon and the Paris skyline for some added ambiance.  

Let’s go timeless in Paris with Faviana Style No. S7713


Lights, cameras, action! The show is about the start, and you are all invited to Prom! Make this year’s prom a Hollywood party! Turn your ordinary prom into a red carpet event fit for a queen in just easy steps! Celebrate the beginning and end of a chapter by creating a beautiful starry backdrop (or any other backdrop that you prefer). Create a photo shoot location were “paparazzi” will take pictures of the guests! Make sure to create your own Hollywood banner to add style to your evening. Full kits and accessories to complete your red carpet evening can be found at Make sure to have a red carpet and red satin curtains to make your guest feel like a star as they walk in into a perfect movie.

Be movie start ready with Faviana Style No. 7764

Prom is your night, and it should be something that is worth remembering! It only happens once, and although it may seem like so much work and effort, in the end, you’ll be proud of all of the memories you’ve created! These are a few themes offered out of so many interesting ones out there that you can create yourself! Make this night the most amazingly perfect evening of your lifetime!



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