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Faviana’s Ode to Dresses Through the Ages


Fashion is a constant that continues to evolve over time. As a result, we are left with iconic eras and beautiful masterpieces. With so many styles and trends that come and go, it is easy to get carried away and try too hard to emulate what other people are doing. And although trends are fun, we think that style is eternal! Here at Faviana, we are firm believers in the importance of celebrating yourself, which of course also includes celebrating your unique style. However, it is nice to pay respects to the history of fashion, and how some styles of dresses came to be. That’s why we thought it would be fun to do our own Ode to Dresses through the Ages. Enjoy!

Fashion Timeline: 1900’s to Present Day


Back in the early 1900’s, women were graceful and elegant gowns at every time of the day. Paris was the place to do your shopping and only some could afford the haute couture collections, most would have to settle in copying certain aspects in their own way. The early 1900’s were known for tiny waists achieved through very restricting corsets (women usually fainted a couple of times a day, because they couldn’t get enough air), stockings, stiff collars and broad hats.

Although this style is not popularly used anymore, we do love using a nice corset from time to time. But don’t worry, you will be able to get some breath with the Faviana S 7907 style!


The silhouette from the previous decade was toned down and there was no need for S-shaped corsets anymore. Instead, women of this era donned long corsets that allowed the flowy materials from their dresses to fall nicely. The second half of the 1910’s got rid of the uncomfortable silhouette and allowed women to wear more comfortable clothing. Softer silhouettes and lighter fabrics made this look and feel easy and delicate, with high necks during the day and various color combinations for the night.


ABC News / Faviana 7660

Goodbye, corsets! The roaring 20’s ushered in women’s right to vote and with this freedom came a shift in how women dressed. From skin-tight, suffocating undergarments to loosely fitted dresses, this was how women of the 20s embraced rebellion and dressed in a more modern yet feminine way. To complement this new look, women everywhere chopped off their hair and their hemlines and accessories like pearls, diamonds and feathers got increasingly popular.

We are still fans of short, flowing dresses that sparkle, especially paired up with cute accessories. That’s why Faviana 7660 style is giving us major sassy 20’s vibes.


When the Great Depression hit, fashion came to a halt. Fitted clothing and longer hemlines became the norm and glamour was replaced with functional two-piece suits in dark colors.


Fashion was obviously not a priority during World War II, as many things were rationed including clothing fabric. You know what wasn’t rationed? Sequins. Since the sparkly things weren’t necessary to the war efforts, they were used as decorations for a lot of women’s fashion back in the day.

Although a lot of women wore comfortable pants and blazers, in Hollywood the age of ultra glamour came to be, with starlets defining the dress etiquette for ages to come in super fitted silky and sparkly gowns. We can’t resist a dress that sparkles, especially not one as beautiful as Faviana S 8011 in Hunter Green.


After the war, women were able to indulge in fashion again, and they were also encouraged to return to their roles as homemakers. The look of the decade came from Christian Dior himself, which, for some women, was a welcome change from wartime silhouettes and the previous lack of creativity. Dior showcased his first collection, calling it “The New Look” and accentuated the figure with tightly cinched waists and full skirts made of meters and meters of fabric.

After all this time, we are still obsessing over the “New Look”, with its fitted yet loose silhouette. We love how fresh and modern Faviana 7858 feels with its two piece reinterpretation of the classic.


The 60’s were the time for Mod Chic and women were unapologetic and rebellious when it came to fashion. Rocker, mod, and hippie were just some of the styles that emerged in this decade. Women wanted to be noticed and showcase their individuality through the way they dressed.


Hippie culture meets disco fever. Looks continued to be bold, with prints, accessories, patterns made in tight and shiny materials; anything that would be able to capture the glimmer of a disco ball. Playful and bold was the theme of this era, with bright colors front and center everywhere you looked.

Bell pantsuits were the ‘it’ item of this decade, with men and women wearing them during the day lives and well into the night. We love this Faviana S 8010 jumpsuit, which channels 70’s fun with today’s glam!


Women entered the workplace head on with their shoulder pads and girl suits. Hairstyles were big and voluminous, and makeup and jewelry were colorful and bold. Dance and exercise culture also became increasingly popular which translated into fashion with leotards and tight bodysuits.


The 90’s initially brought us hip-hop, grunge and rave subcultures. With toned down hair and subdued colors, this was an era with a hint of masculinity in women’s fashion. Baggy clothes and wide legged pants were in until the later part of this decade where it was swapped for the ultimate girl band look. Sexy, form fitted outfits that were slightly revealing and exciting, such as tiny miniskirts. Every girl wanted to dress like Aaliyah, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Fashion inspiration? Cher in Clueless, Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and all the Spice Girls.

We think a nice mini will never go out of style, and that’s why we think that Faviana S7866 embodies 90s style while being totally contemporary and perfect for any night out.


The early 2000s were the global mash-up decade, where influences from around the world came into play with the easy access of the internet to see what everyone else was wearing. There was a revival of key trends of past decades, with music and art influences also coming into play.

So there you go, Faviana’s ode to dresses through the ages. What is your favorite decade of the past 100 years of fashion? Which trends would you have like to have worn and which would you never wear? Let us know! Comment below. Share it with us by posting photos on Instagram with our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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