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Faviana’s Guide To Everything Eyes


We all have naturally gorgeous eyes but of course, we want a little extra. That’s where makeup comes in. Are you stumped on finding the best eyeshadow combinations for your eyes’ color? What about great mascara that is affordable? Well, Faviana is here! Continue reading Faviana’s Guide To Everything Eyes.

Let’s talk about eye color. 

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes get a lot of ‘shade’, but in reality, they are neutral. And, you know what you can do with neutrals? Anything. Having brown eyes is great because you can really play around with color. Especially bright blues and purples. When placing a color against your brown eye, it contrasts and makes your eyes pop. Extremely gorgeous!

Green Eyes

Earth tones will be your best friend. Applying earthy tones such as emerald greens, taupes, and coppers will make your eyes not just pop, but explode. Using these tones make the different layers of your iris really burst. This creates a gorgeous look that will keep people staring.

Blue Eyes

Our blue eyed beauties. With those bright blue babies, we go dramatic. Adding a deep, darker color such as black or a navy blue. This makes blue eyes just scream. Depending on how comfortable you are with going that dark, there are many different ways to apply. You can create a smokey eye effect or reverse smokey where you apply that darkest color all over the lid and blend out.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a rare breed: a combination of the whole eye color spectrum. For hazel eyes, colors in the purple family and copper family work beautifully to accentuate your eye color.

Next up: Mascara.

Here at Faviana, we know how important a good mascara is. So, that’s why we have listed three great mascaras that are $10 and under. We hope that you will be just as obsessed as we are!

  1. L’oreal’s ‘Voluminous’
  2. Maybelline’s ‘The Falsies’
  3. Jordana’s ‘ Best Extreme Lash’

Makeup remover

As much as we love our makeup and regardless of the hours we put into making it perfect, it needs to come off. Makeup remover is essential for this, especially for your eye makeup. We want this process to be as painless as possible. With that said, here are our favorite go-tos to get the job done.

A homemade remedy

Mix together baby oil and baby ‘no tears’ soap and place it on a cotton pad.

L’oreal’s eye makeup remover

Comes as a liquid so you simply apply to cotton pad and gently remove.

Almay’s Lash Care

We love this one because they are the easiest and quickest. It comes with pre-made pads that are ready for you.

So whatever the next occasion you have coming up, may it be a prom, wedding or date night, Faviana has you covered in the eye department. You have Faviana’s Guide to Everything Eyes to thank for that.

If you try any of these tips we should love to know what you thought. Tag us on social media: Instagram @faviana_ny or @glamandgowns #Faviana





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