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Faviana’s Guide To Asking A Guy To Prom

Asking a guy to prom? *GASP* Unless it’s the Sadie Hawkins dance, the tradition seems to be the guy asking the girl to the dance. Come on ladies! We’re in the 21st century and it’s time we take a chance at asking for a change. Sure, it can be nerve wracking, but not to worry! Here are some great tips on how to ask that special guy to prom.

Make Sure He is Available

There is no point in asking that special guy to be your date if he is not available. He might have a girlfriend or he could already have a date. You should definitely try to find out if he has plans, to avoid the premature potential disappointing “no”. One tip is asking his friends or acquaintances. You could even slip in the question in a casual conversation, without seeming pushy. Instead, find a smooth and friendly way of asking that doesn’t let on that you’re interested, or ruin a future surprise. One way to casually inquire is to assume he has a date, and ask who he is going with. Instead of actually saying “Do you have a date for prom?”, which could seem obvious, you could say, “so who’s your date to prom?”. You could also start talking about prom and then eventually lead into the topic of dates. That way, it won’t seem like such a blunt or nosy but you will get the information you need. 

Get Creative

Once you are sure he does not have a date or significant other, get creative! Sure, you can just ask him in person without all the pizzazz if you’d like, but it’s a lot more fun to come up with a original way to ask. Guys like to feel special too. Nothing says you are really interested in going to prom with him than a creative “promposal”. Some popular and fun ways to ask a guy to prom include:

  1. Get some friends together and have each hold up a letter spelling out “PROM?” during a sporting event at school.
  2. Wear a t-shirt that’s been customized with your question – or even make it yourself!
  3. Convince the principal to let you ask him over the loudspeaker during morning announcements.
  4. Take him on a scavenger hunt, with clues leading to the final question.
  5. Put a note with balloons in his locker or come up with a cute poem on a sign.

The sky is the limit, so get creative!


Confidence is key! It can only go one of two ways, and you can handle either one. Don’t dwell on the if’s, but’s, or maybe’s. Let your confidence shine through, and don’t lose sight that this is supposed to be fun! Confidence is knowing your value and how you convey that value to others. Try reading wellness & lifestyle coach, Melody Pourmoradi’s, article on Making Yourself your own BFF She has some excellent points about how to get to know and love yourself at the core, which yields an undeniable confidence everyone will notice.

Have Fun No Matter What

It’s a very special day for you, so the most important thing is to have fun! Here at Faviana, we believe in “Elevating each woman’s individual identity as she celebrates the most important and memorable moments in her life”.  Even if your dream date says no, don’t let that ruin your big day.

Your prom is going to be a wonderful memory that you will look back on and laugh about for years to come. Don’t let it be a sad memory, regardless of who you go with. Rejection is not a pleasant feeling, but it is also not the end of the world. Remember, know how valuable you are! And definitely don’t let a “no” hold you back from going. So what if your date decides not to go to prom with you? Some great back-up plans include finding a close guy friend to take to prom. Friends are always there to help, so don’t knock the idea of taking a friend to prom. Don’t have a close guy friend? Go with the gals! Girls stick together, and going as a group is a great way too. 

No matter what happens, be sure to take pictures & selfies in your gorgeous dress, dance your heart out, and make great memories.

Did you ask someone special to prom in a creative way? Do you have Promposal tips to share? Let us know what you think by tagging our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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