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Faviana’s Guide To Short Hair


So we don’t know about you but, we are loving the short hair trend that has taken over. It is so chic yet so effortless and fun! Everyone used to think that there were no options  when you decided to cut of your gorgeous locks. We, Faviana and I, are here to tell you that that is a lie. We love short hair and we are about to make you fall in love too (if you haven’t already).

Top tools we LOVE for short hair:

The Perfect Curl

Teasing Comb: When you have short hair, volume is on your side. Investing in a teasing comb will really change your life, trust me.

From curling, your hair you can a. leave as or, b. continue on to add a little more something. We choose b! So happy you decided to take it up a notch further with us!

The Next Level

Here are some fun styles to make your hair look anything but basic!

  1. Top Bun – This is definitely a more ‘hipster’ feel but with less of the messy look and more of a put together bun, this look can be a total head turner. Super cute and super trendy.
  2. Half Up/Half Down Twist – This is a great look for an evening event or a date night. Adding some texture spray will really give this look some depth. Make sure to use a hair tie and poppy pin that match your hair color.
  3. The Braid – Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you have to sit out on the braid trend that has been popping off like crazy. Short hair means shorter braids, not no braids.  Here is one of our favorite short hair braid up-dos.

Step by Step:

  1. Separate your hair into three horizontal sections.
  2. For the top section, back-comb it using your teasing comb to give it some volume. And then roll it into a bun, bobby pin into place.
  3. Second section, you will part the section into two halves. Here you can french braid or traditionally braid the two halves. Now add them together and create another bun, secure with a bobby pin.
  4. For the third section, repeat step number 3. Then add bobby pins where they are needed to secure for a full night of fun!
  5. Last step, hair spray! This will be your best friend.


Your falling now aren’t you? We knew you would. These beautiful styles will be perfect for any occasion from prom, a guest of the wedding, graduation or even a gala. So just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t partake in all the hair festivities.

If any of these are your cases, please let us know. What about us forgetting something? Do you have a short hair tip that you’d love to share, please let us know that too! Comment below or find us on social media: Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY



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