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Faviana’s Guide To The Perfect Bold Lip


Lips have been a huge fad these last few seasons. We are thanking King Kylie, AKA Kylie Jenner, for her bold lip obsession, that made us all jump on this bandwagon. So if you’re looking to make your lips the center of attention, continue reading Faviana’s Guide to the Perfect Bold Lip.

These are our helpful hints:

First things first, Exfoliate

When you decided to rock a bold lip, exfoliating is a huge factor. Giving your lips a scrub the evening before or that morning. This will decrease chapped looking lips. You can make homemade lip scrub by just adding half a teaspoon of brown sugar to a teaspoon of coconut oil and just a little honey. Apply to your lips and massage for a little. Wash it off and you will have beautiful, silky, smooth lips. If you’d rather opt for a pre-made scrub, our recommendation is Lip Scrub by Lush. This yummy scrub comes in numerous delicious flavors and starts as low as just $8. Trust me, you will fall in love!

Conceal Lips

Many people don’t realize that concealing your lips is an essential part of a bold lip, especially if you want it to last. When you conceal your lips it acts as a primer. You wouldn’t paint on a canvas without priming it first, this is the same concept. So just add a little concealer to the lips, the same color for a highlight or under the eyes.

Lip Liner

There are many ways that people like to line their lips. We suggest you apply your liner after you have applied your lipstick. Get as close as to the lip line as you can with your lipstick and then use the lip liner to refine and clean up those edges. For fun, try applying a lip liner slightly darker than your lip shade. This allows you to create an easy ombré effect. When you line your lips, it acts as a barrier to the rest of your face. It keeps everything in place so you don’t have your lipstick seeping into your foundation. Liner is the perfect solution, DO IT!


Whether your color is orange, burgundy or black, rock it. When applying make sure to stay inside the area that you have lined. Also, if you dab a kleenex on your lips a few times, re-apply your color, you will have a perfect recipe for the perfect, long lasting lip.

Quick Tip! Worried you are going to get lipstick on your teeth? Wash your hands and then, place your index finger in your mouth. Close your lips around your finger and pull your finger out. This will place any excess lipstick that would have been on your teeth, on your finger.

Well everyone, We hope you enjoyed Faviana’s Guide to the perfect Bold Lip. This look, paired with a simple cat-eye or just a coat of mascara will be a beautiful look for your next prom, wedding appearance or even a date night.

If you’re loving this look as much as we are and, decide to try it out, tag us on social media. We would love to see what look you came up with to complement your bold lip!  Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.