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Five Yoga Poses That Will Get You Event Ready


There are many things that people take into account before a big, exciting event. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, shoes, nails, etc—needless to say it can all be very overwhelming. But one thing we all worry about the most at the end of the day is our bodies. We are all different shapes and sizes; and perfect and complete in our own ways. However, just in case you want to make sure you can slide right into that perfect gown for that big gala or that sweet cocktail dress for a graduation, than I have just the right thing for you: yoga!

Most of you have probably heard of handstands, backbends, and downward facing dog, but keep reading below for five yoga poses that are easy to execute and will help you achieve that toned body of your dreams before your big event.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Dog is the ultimate body opening pose. Not only will it stretch out your hamstrings to ensure an easy night of dancing without all the tightness,  it also opens up your back to allow you to stand taller, prouder, and with more confidence. This pose is crucial in any yogi’s practice.

Head Stand

This pose seems intimidating at first, but believe me, if you practice against a wall first, you will have this post down in no time. The headstand is crucial for a lot of different reasons (like insanely awesome Instagram pictures) but one of the reasons I enjoy doing this pose is it gives you so much energy! Think about it, all that blood flowing to your head is an instant wakeup call in the morning before your coffee. You can even choose this in place of a morning wake-up drink!

Camel Pose

Want a pose crucial for toning thighs and improving your posture? Than this pose is the perfect one for you! Not only does it help with your thighs and posture, it strengthens your arms, improves the flexibility of your spine and is great for your overall health and well-being! This pose would pair perfectly with a Faviana style that has a high slit for your leg- add a little Angelina Jolie flare to your evening.

King Pigeon Pose

This pose might seem a little scary at first, but it is a pose that you can adjust based off of your flexibility. It opens your hips, makes you appear longer and leaner because you are stretching out all the right joints; and did I mention it is a perfect pose to show off your yoga skills on social media?

Lotus Pose

This is a great pose to help out with nerves that might be running amuck before the big night. Just take a deep breath, try and center yourself, listen to some music, or listen to your own breathing. You can try and start a mantra for yourself, continuously tell yourself that you will have a great night. The more you believe it, the more good vibes you bring into the thing you are doing and the better outcome you will have.

Yoga is more than connecting oneself physically and mentally, I like to think of it as an art form. Already, our individual selves are beautiful, strong, and amazing—Yoga helps enhance that. Whether you want to learn a few cool tricks and poses, or if you really want help centering yourself and your life—Yoga will help you do that.  I know how easy it is to stress about our bodies before a big event, but now you don’t have to. With these 5 yoga tips, you will arrive red carpet ready, and feeling graceful, free, and flexible. Have fun at your special event and remember—unless you are wearing pants, do not try these poses on the dance floor!



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