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Healthy Beauty 101


Healthy beauty practices - what does that really mean? Well, when it comes to beauty and skincare, it means that maybe we should pay a little more attention to the things we are applying to our faces and bodies! We know: this can be a lot of work. Where do you even start? How about with some information from us?

What is Healthy Beauty?

Healthy beauty refers to an approach to personal care and aesthetics that prioritizes overall health and well-being while enhancing one's natural beauty. It involves maintaining and improving physical, mental, and emotional health as the foundation for a vibrant and radiant appearance.

The Problem

Here at Faviana, we love makeup and beauty products. They are fun, they help us release our most creative side and they can be a confident booster, which as you know, we are all about. However, as it appears, it can also be quite dangerous, as some of the chemicals in our favorite products are proven to have very dangerous health effects. So we love healthy beauty even more.

The Risks

healthy beauty products faviana the risks
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Some chemicals can cause cancer or become endocrine disruptors (this means that they can either increase or decrease the production of some of your hormones), imitate other hormones (turning one hormone into another), interfere with hormone signaling (telling cells to die before they need to), compete with your natural essential nutrients (making you feel their loss and maybe causing you to need supplements), and even accumulating in some of your vital, hormone-producing organs. Yes, that’s quite awful. And scary.

The Benefits

healthy beauty products faviana the benefits

So just as these products have amazing benefits such as helping you have clearer and softer skin, nourished hair, smoother pores, and perfectly countered faces —and so, so much more— they could cause your health to deteriorate, which is never worth it.

The Science

According to this scientific discovery, people who use makeup and beauty products daily can absorb around 5 pounds of chemicals into their bodies each year. This happens because a percentage of everything that we apply into our skin goes directly into our bloodstream. By everything, we mean everything: soap, shampoo, lotion, perfume, makeup, ink, etc.

The Solution

healthy beauty products faviana the solution

We are not telling you to stop using makeup and beauty products! Like we said, we love them, very much. It’s just a matter of taking care of what we put into our bodies just as we should also take care of what we eat and drink. It’s a matter of finding balance.

Maybe consider switching some of your key beauty products from chemical-filled ones to natural ones. Natural beauty products can be a bit more expensive, but they are gentler to you and your skin, which is especially good if you have sensitive skin.

If you can or want to make the switch from toxic to organic on a few key products, then we recommend those products to be the ones you are using every day into most of your body: soap, lotion, and deodorant. Like we explained, these go directly into your bloodstream.

Want to keep making changes but are unwilling to stop using your favorite makeup products? We feel you. Maybe think of your skincare routine, then: cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, and sunscreen are so important. Also, did you check out our ultimate sunscreen guide?

Other than that, do you have other advice when it comes to healthy beauty? What are some of your favorite natural or organic products? Let us know what you think by tagging us on Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY.


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