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Healthy Halloween Snack Alternatives


Halloween is known for sugary treats and candy. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a yummy treat in a healthier way. If you want to be more nutritious and still get in the holiday spirit, then try these easy healthy Halloween snack alternatives!

Healthy Halloween Snack Alternatives: Banana Ghosts

BOO! Easily turn your everyday banana into a healthy Halloween snack with the addition of raisins, nuts, or very small pieces of chocolate. Peel bananas and cut them in half, standing them on their flat end. Transform them into spooky ghosts with your choice of brown food as the eyes, and a bigger piece as the mouths. Chocolate-covered raisins seem to work best, along with tasting the best together for this healthy treat!

Healthy Halloween Snack Alternatives: Jack-o’-Lantern Fruit Cups


Eating fruit out of a cup doesn’t have to be boring. Take advantage of the holiday and opt for this healthy Halloween recipe, perfect for baking for beginners. Grab some oranges, slice off the tops, and scoop out all the pulp. You can choose to take a knife to carve faces into the oranges, or create eyes and a mouth with sharpie markers. Then, simply fill the oranges with slices of your favorite fruit. We suggest grapes and mixed berries to make it more colorful!

Healthy Halloween Snack Alternatives: Frankenstein Yogurt

Yogurt is an easy healthy snack idea, being perfect for this next healthy Halloween recipe. Take a Greek yogurt or any flavor that is light in color. Next, add some green food dye until your desired shade is reached. For an even healthier alternative, use spinach reserve to achieve the green color. Decorate clear cups as Frankenstein faces, then pour the yogurt mixture evenly throughout. Add a dash of chocolate sprinkles on top, and you now have some scary delicious Frankenstein yogurt!

Healthy Halloween Snack Alternatives: Candy Corn Popsicles

Beach Body on Demand

If you love the look of candy corns, you’ll love this juicy popsicle as a healthy Halloween snack. Pull out those popsicle molds from the summer, and get to preparing. Use pineapple juice for the yellow color on the bottom and then orange juice for the middle layer. For the tip on top, use Greek yogurt. Freeze overnight, and start the next morning with a delicious, Halloween-themed treat! This is great for those sporadic warm days in the fall, or simply an easy way to get your daily vitamins.

Healthy Halloween Snack Alternatives: Spider Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are already a healthy snack, but it can easily be turned into a healthy Halloween snack, too. Create your best deviled eggs, filling the center with alternatives such as hummus. To add a spooky effect, turn your eggs into spiders with olives. Just cut black olives in half vertically, placing one half in the center of each egg to form the body. Then, slice each remaining olive in half again into four sections to create the legs. Everyone will be obsessed with these creepy creations!

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