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Holiday Party Themes


You have your holiday cocktail dress. Now you just need a party to wear it to! You’ll probably be invited to an array of holiday parties, but did you ever think of throwing one yourself? To stand out this season, try one of these unique holiday party themes!

Holiday Party Themes: Masquerade Ball

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For those holiday celebrators that are feeling fancy and mysterious, this one is for you. A masquerade ball is a formal holiday party theme that incorporates decorative masks on all the faces of your guests. You can have an experience like the Phantom of the Opera if everyone is on board with their enthusiasm and energy. First, agree upon a color theme. Holidays are typically red and green or silver and gold, but a true masquerade showcases a lot of purple and gold. Next, and perhaps the most important component, the masks! Make sure all of your guests are aware of this event in advance so they can buy their own masks and coordinate them with their holiday outfits and friends. In addition, you should have a few extra masks at the party to hand out just in case some of your guests weren’t able to get one in time. Food should consist of extravagant appetizers and light finger foods. You should consider having a serving staff to take care of walking the food around. Lastly, set the mood with some entertainment. This includes playing classic music and encouraging graceful dancing on the floor!

Holiday Party Themes: The Chocolate Factory

If you want to ditch the healthy holiday food, then consider hosting a Willy-Wonka-themed holiday party! Whether you call it “The Chocolate Factory” or “Candyland,” it’s guaranteed to be a hit and unique with your big imagination. The menus can include a variety of entree options, including a special sweet marinade or sweet appetizers to compliment your theme. As far as entertainment, you want the atmosphere to be as young and lively as your theme. Opt for a DJ for the music, and include some small carnival games to really take you back to your childhood. Of course, dessert will consist of an array of chocolates and candies, but you can also incorporate candy into the decorations. Display sweets as the centerpiece and along all the tables, encouraging guests to eat any of the edible decor. In addition, you’re going to want to send your guests home with a treat. Personalize candy bars or cookies and stick them in a holiday goodie bag as a great take-away!

Holiday Party Themes: Around The World

The holidays are celebrated across the globe, so this holiday theme will allow you to take a trip around the world with international food and entertainment. The best way to incorporate multiple countries is by creating a series of food stations based on a different cuisine. Examples of your stations can be Spanish, Moroccan, Thai, German, and Italian. Once you have the food down, it’s time for the decorations! Every country has their own holiday traditions perhaps being that of Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza, with each having its own traditional decorations. Do your research to find these backgrounds, and decorate your venues accordingly. In addition, you can have each table be a different country for a more unique style. Finally, create a playlist of songs from all over the globe. Ensure the culture music is cheery and delightful so the guests have a great time!

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