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How To Accessorize Your Gold Prom Dress


You have your stunning gown, but how do you accessorize your gold prom dress? These are already a knock-out on their own, so you can easily over-do your look by adding too many accessories. If you’re worried about how to style your dress, you’ve come to right place. Here is everything you need to know about accessorizing your gold prom dress!

Accessorize Your Gold Prom Dress with Minimal Jewelry

Faviana Style S10801

Minimal jewelry is key when styling gold prom dresses. Whether your gown is yellow, buttercream, gold-accented, or straight gold, you are already making a huge statement. Therefore, you don’t need many accessories to compliment your look and stand out. Simply choose small pieces to wear, such as studded earrings, rings, or a bracelet which would pair well with Faviana Style S10801. The bracelet gives the dress an extra spark, while still looking elegant and not over-done.

Don’t Accessorize Your Gold Prom Dress!

Faviana Style 11033

If you really want your gold prom dress to be the center of attention, then let it! Especially if the dress has many details on it already such as Faviana Style 11033, then there’s no need for additional accessories. These sequined are almost treated like your jewelry, already giving you the extra sparkle and shine that you deserve.

Accessorize Your Gold Prom Dress with Silver Shoes

Faviana Style S10856
You’re also probably wondering what type of shoes to wear with your attire. Of course you can pair your gold prom dress with gold prom shoes, but this doesn’t have to be the case with every dress. To avoid rocking too much gold at prom, match your dress with a pair of silver heels. 

Accessorize Your Gold Prom Dress with Down Hairstyles

Faviana Style 11023

For dresses with thicker gold accents such as Faviana Style 11023, then let that be the focal point. You can effortlessly shape around your embellishments by trying out a down hairstyle. Here your hair is your accessory, so let those long locks flow! Choose a style that fits both your personality and gown the best.

Trending Gold Accessories for Gold Dresses

Photo Credit: StyleFried

Of course, you can always follow the latest accessory trends to style your gold dress with. This season’s must-have jewelry include gold pendants, hoop earrings, stacked rings, and link bracelets. Match these flawlessly with your dress and bring the trends with you to prom!

Once you have your accessories down, it’s time to experiment with prom makeup for gold dresses. Since your gown and accessories are already sparkling, you want to go for a more natural prom makeup look. Try earthy tones such as shades of brown, and top it off with a bronze finish!

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