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How to Achieve a Red Carpet Smokey Eye Makeup


Channel your inner makeup artist when creating your very own smokey eye! Some of our favorite celebrities, including Kate Hudson, Rihanna, and Angelina Jolie can be seen posing for red carpet pictures with a classic smokey eye look. While the smokey eye may seem like it is too difficult to create, it is definitely achievable! Don’t be intimidated by creating a smokey eye, for no makeup artist is needed to have this timeless look. Here are some tips and tools that are very helpful when dressing up your eyes for a red carpet smokey eye.

Red Carpet Smokey Eye Step #1: Primer 

Priming before applying eye make up is a necessity! No matter what event you are doing your makeup for, it is an absolute must to prime your eyelids and right under your eyes. What good is a beautiful smokey eye if it only stays perfect for an hour? Whether you are dancing the night away or taking it easy with your best friends, the number one way to prevent smudging and melting is to prime. Luckily, priming only takes seconds! Just gently pat and spread the primer along your eyelids and directly under your eyes. This could be done with your finger.

Red Carpet Smokey Eye Step #2: Concealer

Applying a cream concealer over your eyelids creates a base for your eyeshadow. Also, apply a creamy concealer in the crevice of your under-eye. Focus placing the concealer at the inner corner of your eyes, because this is often where there is the most darkness. To avoid creasing, you can set your concealer with a light brightening powder. Buying a light concealer is also a way to avoid creasing.

Red Carpet Smokey Eye Step #3: Pencil liner

Create the illusion of a bigger eye by using a colored liner to draw lines starting at the lash line going to under your eyebrow. The dark liner can then be blended with an eyeshadow brush.  Smudging the liner is what creates definition to your eyelids.

Photo Credit: Buzznet

Red Carpet Smokey Eye Step #4: Eyeshadow Pallet

The color eyeshadows that are used in your smokey eye are all up to what look you are going for! Color combinations that are really pretty together include brown and gold, cream and taupe, and grey and plum. Using a lot of different shades from the same color family will create a gradient smokey eye. If you want grey to be the primary color of the smokey eye, utilize a light, medium, and dark grey.

Red Carpet Smokey Eye Step #5: Smudge Brush

To avoid harsh lines, a smudge brush is a great investment! Places that you should look to apply the smudge brush are the crease of your eye and the bottom lashes. An eyeshadow brush can be used to blend your liner. After applying black eyeliner to the lash line, smudge it out and blend it with the eyeshadow.

Red Carpet Smokey Eye Step #6: Highlighter

While smokey eyes could be dark, lighten up your look with highlighter along your brow! The highlighter can also be applied in the corner of your eyes. Since you are applying highlighter to the brow bone, it is important to not get your eyeshadow too close to the brows while applying. When shopping for highlighter, buy a color that is one or two tones lighter than your skin tone.

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