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How to Achieve Beach Waves in the Winter


It’s winter, and many of us probably miss the summer atmosphere. Even though it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean we can’t still rock those summer and boho looks. For those of you who love the beach and down hairstyles, we compiled easy ways to achieve beach waves in the winter!

Achieve Beach Waves with Sea Salt Spray

Photo Credit: Everyhairstyles

We may not be able to go to the beach, but we still can bring the salt water to us! The first way to achieve beach hair in the winter is to invest in a great sea salt spray. We suggest Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray or Lush Sea Spray. These special formulas give your hair the right amount of texture without the sticky feeling of regular hairspray. Simply spritz these products generously throughout your hair while wet or dry. Then, scrunch with your other hand as you do this to hold the waves and have more control over them.

Achieve Beach Waves with Curling Irons

If you’re good with appliances, then this one’s for you. You can easily create beach waves with any curling iron in your possession. A 3-barrel curling iron works the best and is the quickest  way to achieve flawless beach waves. This tool gives you a loose wave in no time, simply by sectioning out your hair and holding down the heat for a few seconds. Still, you can use your wand or any other size curling iron you may own. To ensure they come out like beach waves, make sure to take small sections of the hair and hold the iron vertically. Then, use your fingers to separate the curls until your desire look is achieved! No matter what, this method will give you the most structured beach waves.

Achieve Beach Waves with Braids

The oldest trick in the book is actually the easiest. Shower the night before, loosely twist your wet hair into braids, and let them dry overnight. This can be a single braid, a french braid, or as many braids as you want! It truly depends on your hair type and how you want your beach waves to look. The next morning, undo the braids and shake out those luscious curls you deserve. Spray on a hairspray or texturizing spray to hold the shape and hairstyle all day long!

Achieve Beach Waves with Buns

Photo Credit: Everyhairstyles

If you don’t like to sleep in braids or don’t know how to braid, then there’s a similar alternative. After showering, simply twist your hair into buns instead. This can be a sock bun, one twisted bun, or as many as you want! The same rules apply as braids. Let the buns dry overnight, brush through your hair with your fingers, and wake up with instant waves of perfection. This certainly saves you a lot of time when getting ready, and allows you to achieve beach waves with minimal hair damage!

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