How to Get Voluminous Hair in 5 Easy Steps


Everyone’s hair texture is different, thus some can achieve the fuller-look more easily than others. Some might need additional serums added to their hair, while others will achieve the look without any added volumizers. So, have fun and experiment! Life’s too short to sport just one look.

What is voluminous hair?

Voluminous hair refers to hair that appears full, thick, and bouncy. It typically refers to hair with a lot of body, height, and movement, rather than hair that lies flat against the scalp.

Voluminous hair can be achieved through various styling techniques, such as blow-drying, backcombing, or using volumizing products like mousse or volumizing sprays. People with naturally curly or wavy hair tend to have voluminous hair. Still, those with straight hair can also achieve volume with the proper styling techniques and products.

Here is how to get voluminous hair in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Wash for Voluminous Hair 

The secret to voluminous hair starts in the shower. Clean hair is key to achieving volume since hair will begin to accumulate oils when it doesn’t get washed. These oils will weigh your hair down causing it to appear flat and without volume. The way that you apply products to your hair is also crucial. Choose a shampoo with volumizing properties, then apply it from your roots to your tips to completely wash out excess oils.

However, don’t do the same with conditioner. Conditioner should only be applied from the bottom half of your hair to the tips since it is the driest part of your hair. Do not apply conditioner to your roots! Conditioner is added moisture to your hair that the scalp does not need since it already produces natural oils.

Step 2: Add Volumizer

Use a volumizing serum to boost volume! Simply pump a small amount into your hands and massage into the roots. This mousse provides volume for up to 24 hours! It will add volume to lifeless hair to create a bouncy look. After you add the mousse, you are ready to style and blow dry your hair.

Step 3: Flip

Towel-dry your hair after washing. Take a towel with both hands and add sections of your hair inside the towel. Move your hands back and forth to drain all excess water. Make sure that your hair is damp and not soaking wet.

The next step is to blow dry. In order to achieve maximum volume, flip your hair upside-down and work your fingers through your scalp. Take the blow dryer and aim it at your roots to your scalp. Do not dry hair completely!

Step 4: Style

After your hair is almost dry, begin to style your hair. Take a clip and pick up all your hair, but leave a small section down. Take a round brush and blow dry each section in an inward motion. Keep in mind that each section should not be wider than your brush. Pull the brush and blow dryer down simultaneously, and bring the tips inwards to create curls. Repeat until your entire hair is completely dry.

Step 5: Roots

For added volume, pull half your hair upwards and blow dry just the roots. Hold the blow dryer at the roots for about 10 seconds all-around, then let them cool for about a minute. Afterward, flip your hair to the side and blow dry the roots that were not reached. Once finished, flip your hair to the other side and repeat. Once your hair cools, part your hair like you normally would. And, voila! You should now have bombshell hair!

By following these steps, you should achieve voluminous hair! Dying your hair is another trick to create the illusion of fuller hair; darker colors and intricately placed highlights will create a volumized look. If your hair is very thin, consider adding clip-on extensions or researching volumizer serums and leave-in fillers. Remember to wash your hair every other day and to take vitamins such as Biotin for strong and healthy hair.

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