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How To Fall Asleep With These 3 Easy Tricks


Sleep is something that we all have enjoyed at some point in our lives whether it is after a long day at work or coming home from a party. Some people can fall asleep as soon as they rest their head on the pillow, but for many including myself, sleep does not come that easily. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for people to fall and stay asleep. Unfortunately, there is no cure for insomnia, but there are some remedies that help make it easier to get a restful sleep. While these tricks might not make you sleep for an interrupted 8 hours, they hopefully will help you get a few more hours which will make a big difference in your mood and energy level. 

  1. Shut Off Your Electronics 

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This might sound harsh if you are used to sleeping with your phone under the pillow or with the television on, but that might be what is keeping you awake. There has been scientific studies conducted on the correlation between light and wakefulness. Similar to how the sun alerts our brain to be alert, the light that comes from electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets is enough to signal to our brain feelings of wakefulness when it needs to be relaxed. 

It is recommended to shut off your electronics at least 2 hours before you go to bed in order to help your brain wind down for sleep. This might seem difficult at first, so start with 30 minutes and gradually build your way up as you become more comfortable. 

Not only is it important to turn off your electronics, but keeping your devices in a different room may help. If you can’t sleep, you more than likely will resort to playing on your phone or going on social media. While that might seem like a distraction for the restlessness you are experiencing, it is actually keeping you awake.

2. Remove Your Clock While You Are Asleep

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This is one of the tricks that I found most helpful when it comes to getting more sleep. I am one of those people who constantly look at the clock with dread when I can’t fall asleep and I’m sure you do too. According to Lisa Meltzer, an education scholar from the National Sleep Foundation, “If you stare at the clock, it increases your stress and worry about not falling asleep.” Getting rid of your clock will be one less thing you are stressing out about increasing the likelihood that you will be able to eventually fall asleep. 

One of the first worries I had when I removed my clock was that I was going to be late for class. In order to prevent being late for work or an appointment, get a manual alarm clock that is dark and place it on the opposite side of your room so you are not able to see it. 

3. Keep Your Bedroom Cool

Have you ever had one of those nights where you can’t get cool so you find yourself twisting and turning to try and find that one cold spot on your bed? Well you’re not the only one who has that problem. It is important to keep your bedroom cool when the time to go to sleep approaches. I personally have to have my bedroom at 67 degrees in order for me to sleep, but according to the National Sleep Foundation a bedroom temperature between 60-67 degrees is important for getting a good night’s sleep. You can always make yourself warmer by adding extra blankets, but it is harder to cool yourself down if you are sleeping in a hot room. 

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